Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good Friday Fun with Uncle Ryan

Every year our family attends Good Friday service at church and then meets a group 20-30 family friends at George's for Good Friday Margaritas. Church started at 7:30 and the boys' bedtime is 7:00, but we were going to attempt to bring them with us in hopes that they would fall asleep at some point.

On their way from Dallas to Waco, Megan and Ryan stopped at our house before church. And after Kyle scared Ryan out of having kids EVER with his non stop crabbiness it was decided that Jason would stay home with the boys while the rest of us went to church and George's.

Eventually Kyle calmed down and the boys played blocks with Uncle Ryan, who is an engineer and an excellent block builder.

Ryan: "Hey Buddy, that's not in the plans."

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