Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Egg Hunts #2 and #3

After church on Easter Sunday we headed to my parent's house for Easter dinner. An obscene amount of wine, cheese, ham, potatoes, green beans, corn casserole, yummy chocolate desserts, and pretty little cookies were consumed by all... including Kyle and Kase. Although they kept their portion sizes more in check than the rest of us.

After lunch and a couple of naps, the boys got to hunt Easter eggs again. This time outside because the weather had cleared up. Once the boys discovered that there were animal crackers and cookies inside the eggs, the hunting slowed and the snacking escalated.

Aunt Megan tried to help Kyle along, but that cookie was just too yummy!

Kyle: "You go pick up that egg. I'm eating!".

The Easter Bunny left some gifts at Gibi and Mister's house too. They got their very first set of golf clubs, some race cars, a Veggie Tales movie, and a book of Bedtime Bible stories. Kase got distracted by his new favorite sport and gave up hunting eggs.

How cute will this picture be 20 years from now when he is on the PGA tour?

And then they found the race cars.

My attempt at a perfect Easter picture of the boys in their Easter outfits, with their Easter baskets, surrounded by Easter eggs. Yeah, not so much!

It works better to strap them down and do a little dance behind the camera to make them smile.

And then it was time for the "Real Egg Hunt." It is a tradition for all of the "kids" to have an Easter egg hunt. The eggs have candy in them, but a select few also have cash! And then there are the eggs with random items... like meatballs, sticker pictures of my sisters and I from junior high, or like this year, a head to a little doll. Don't ask... it just happens!

Everyone lines up on the edge of the porch and someone yells "GO!" It is pretty competitive!

Another great Easter! I can't wait for next year!

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JHP said...

Aww, Easter at the Breyer house! I like the pics of the boys playing with their Matchbox cars - aren't outdoor pics the best?