Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt #1

We made it to church (late) and dropped off the boys in the nursery. They brought their Eater baskets for the egg hunt at church, and they also got to bring their Slinky's with them. I heard they were quite the hit with the other kids in the nursery.

We waited around after church for the eggs to be hid. It was misting outside so the eggs were hid in the fellowship hall.

Finally the hunt was on...

Kase bent down to pick up a group of eggs, but got distracted by pushing around a chair instead of picking up any more eggs.

Kyle was a maniac! He got tons of eggs (with a little help from a very competitive Dad!)

Uh, who looks more excited here?!

After all the eggs were found, everyone dumped out the candy to check out what they had found.

Lexi found a prize egg and got to exchange it for this huge ball. She told me that she had seen it as soon as she walked in and decided that she wanted it then! She was nice enough to let Kyle play with it also.

This picture was so much cuter in my head! Maybe we can take a nice group photo when the boys are 10 or so. Right now they don't sit still long enough.

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