Friday, March 5, 2010

Silly Boys

Around 10:30 each morning I give the boys a sippy cup of milk and a snack trap with either some gold fish or graham cracker sticks. They sit in their chairs and eat and drink until it is time to lay down for their nap. On this particular day I left them in the living room with their snacks and went back into the kitchen to do some things. I walked back into the room a little later and found Kyle sitting up on the arms of the chairs. Looks like he just got finished pulling both of his socks off. Silly boys!

Last Sunday was a very strange afternoon. Both Jason and I were hanging out at home and the boys took afternoon naps at completely different times. So it was two on one for most of the afternoon. And it was really weird! At one point Kase was up and Kyle was napping and we heard the ice cream truck outside. The weather was great outside and Jason got very excited about getting some ice cream for the boys. Kase happened to be wearing his "cool dude" shades at the time! Silly boy!

The door to our bedroom stays closed most of the day so any time I walk in there the boys are right on my heels. Their favorite place to hang out in there is the closet. They love to pull the dirty clothes and shoe boxes out and string them all over the floor. Kase made himself a little sitting area with the shoe boxes. Silly boy!

Several weeks ago we visited our friends, Jill, Scott, and their daughters Avery and Abbie, in Mesquite. Jill showed us these cool Color Wonder markers and paper made by Crayola. The markers only write on the special paper, no where else! I grabbed a package of markers and a couple coloring books when I was at Target the other day. I set the boys up and showed them how the markers worked. They had more fun taking the lids off of the markers and putting them back on... and taking them off... and putting them on.... Silly boys!

I got the dust buster out to vacuum up a couple goldfish that got stepped on and Kyle thought he had to play with the dust buster before I put it up. He "vacuumed" with it until the thing went dead. Silly boy!

And this is just a bonus picture of Kase! Jenny calls him a gentle soul.

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