Friday, March 19, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Well, our baby food days are over. No more opening a random jar or thawing out something that I made weeks earlier. Now I have to put some actual thought into the three meals that the boys eat each day.

Foods that they eat:
grilled cheese... no longer cut into bite size pieces, just quartered
black beans
chicken and rice (sorta)
chicken breast (sometimes)
goldfish crackers
peas (sorta)
cooked carrots
banana bread
oatmeal cookies

They have also tried:
pork chops

Naked lunch... mmmm spaghetti. It was straight to the bath tub after this meal.

Both boys like grapes, but Kase LOVES grapes. My Mom told me about a little boy who choked on a grape so I cut each grape into 12 pieces before I give them to the boys. I was getting really quick at it until I bought seeded grapes on accident one week... why do those even exists? Kase was trying green grapes for the first time in this picture... not quite as sweet as his favorite purple grapes.

My Mom usually gives the boys a bath on Friday morning when she gets to our house. So I've been letting the boys practice with spoons and their own bowl of applesauce at breakfast on Fridays. They have a blast making a mess... and they are slowly geting better at using a spoon.

Somehow Kyle ends up with applesause in his hair. every.time.

They don't call them sloppy joes for nothin'. Kyle refused to take the little pieces of sloppy joe that I was giving him. He wanted a big piece that he could bite off from. He actually did pretty good keeping it all together.

I feel like a need to add in some more vegetables. What foods am I forgetting to introduce?

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Laura said...

Yogurt...I put everything in yogurt to add more fruits and veggies. English muffins, waffles, edamame, nuts?

These were some of our go-tos at that age.