Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moving On Up

Just about 2 weeks after Jason and I decided that we were definitely going to wait at least 2 years to buy a new house in a different school district, we signed a contract on a house that was under construction.

We had been passively looking at houses in Lorena, where he and I both went to high school, because we wanted to live in Lorena ISD before the boys were old enough to go to school. We looked at some houses in a neighborhood that we really liked and ended up making an offer on one that we thought would work for us. We started with a low ball offer that was not accepted. The same day that we heard our offer was rejected, our realtor told us about a house that was being built that was in the same price range as the house we had just made an offer on. We were very interested and got to see the blueprints that night. The next day we looked at a house (next door) that was just completed by the same builder and also got to look at a house on the next street that has the same floor plan, but was built about 5 years ago (it just happened to be for sale... lucky!). We really liked everything we saw and the next week we met with the builder and signed a contract. Wow, I still can't believe it happened so quickly.

The house is a spec house, meaning that a builder builds it on speculation that someone will like it and buy it once complete. So the major components of the house are already decided. But, because we signed a contract at an early stage in the building process we will get to make decisions and pick out things along the way. Our first assignment was to pick out the brick. Jason and I met at the brick place on Friday and narrowed our choice down to three different selections. Then over the weekend we drove around town looking at houses with those bricks.

The house has four bedrooms, but we want to boys to continue to share a room for a while... probably until they outgrow their toddler beds. So the extra bedrooms will become a play room and an office/den. And because we get to make little changes along the way, the builder is going to leave out a closet in the office and put in a built in desk with lots of cabinet storage above. I love that we get to make the house work for our family and our needs.

Now for some pictures...

Thursday, March 4th

On the day we signed the contract this is was the house looked like. They were just getting ready to pour the cement slab.

Our friend, Corey, works for the concrete company that poured the the slab and sent this to me right after it was poured.

Monday, March 7th

It rained all day Monday... all day. It looks like they dropped off the lumber and supplies and waited for the rain to let up before getting started on the framing.

Tuesday, March 8th

What a difference a day makes... both with the weather and the progress on the house. Today was an absolute beautiful day, 75 degrees and perfect. Jason drove by the house at lunch and snapped this picture on his phone. It is starting to look like a house. The room in the front corner will be the play room.

Now, I need your help. What little changes/ additions can we included to make life easier in our new hosue? What features do you have in your house that you like? Jason's parents suggested having outdoor electrical outlets put under the eves of the house to plug Christmas lights into... so that we don't have to run extension cords everywhere. And after Kase pulled the cord that runs from the camera for the video monitor to the outlet away from the wall where it was secured, I decided that I want an outlet up high on the wall in their bedroom to plug the camera directly into. What else?


LauraC said...

I would kill for a mud room, a place to store the coats and shoes and everything else so they are not in our kitchen. But that is a big thing.

Mostly I just wanted to say congrats!

Mandi said...

Oh that's so exciting! Congrats to ya'll! You will love having four bedrooms. I know you said the big things are pretty much decided, so I don't know if you can change this - but our laundry room is SO SMALL and that has really turned into a huge drawback. It may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but having a tiny laundry room is a pain!

Also, I would say electrical outlet on the mantle. That was something that would have provided a lot more convienence for me at Christmas. My MIL has outlets on her mantle and it is super handy!

Anyway, thats my 2 cents :) Enjoy your new home!!

Parkhurst Studios said...

Being tall, you may appreciate higher counters (kitchen and bathrooms). I hear islands in the kitchen are well loved. Is it too late for an extra long bath tub? (I'm all about the height things)


Edison said...

HOW did I not know this??? Make sure the utility room has a sink & a bar to hang clothes to dry on. Get a big pantry. Make sure room in the garage for both of your vehicles, plus a deep freezer or extra fridge & all the toys. So exciting!