Friday, March 19, 2010

Big D Birthdays

A couple weekends ago we drove up to Dallas to celebrate Jenny and Megan's birthdays. Everyone met up at Chipotle in downtown for lunch, where Kyle and Kase ate their weight in black beans. Then we walked a couple blocks to the Dallas World Aquarium. Everyone agreed that it was a really cool place and had way more to offer than the typical aquarium.

One of the first exhibits was an ant eater. At home when Lola jumps on the back door, I've taught the boys to shake their fingers at her and say "No no, Lola." As soon as Kyle saw the ant eater (that was much larger than I would have expected) he started shaking his fist and saying "No no, Lola." Or his version of that anyway.

As you walk along the path, you feel like you are in a rain forest. It was even humid like a rain forest... Ryan, Megan, and Jenny.

These little guys were cute with their handlebar mustaches.

We came prepared with plenty of snacks to eat along the way. The boys did really well. They rode in their stroller for the majority of the time, but wanted to be carried the last bit of the trip.

Once we got to the bottom level, there was a huge glass wall aquarium, where the boys watched the giant fish swim around. I love the look of awe on Kase's face. They were both looking around like that for a long time.

After the aquarium we had a birthday dinner for Megan and Jenny at Pappadeaux. We had reservations with the old folks at 5pm, but it made for an almost enjoyable dinner out with the boys! They usually go to bed at 7, and let us know when we have them out too late. After dinner we slipped the boys into their pajamas in the parking lot and they fell asleep on the way home.

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