Friday, March 19, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Well, our baby food days are over. No more opening a random jar or thawing out something that I made weeks earlier. Now I have to put some actual thought into the three meals that the boys eat each day.

Foods that they eat:
grilled cheese... no longer cut into bite size pieces, just quartered
black beans
chicken and rice (sorta)
chicken breast (sometimes)
goldfish crackers
peas (sorta)
cooked carrots
banana bread
oatmeal cookies

They have also tried:
pork chops

Naked lunch... mmmm spaghetti. It was straight to the bath tub after this meal.

Both boys like grapes, but Kase LOVES grapes. My Mom told me about a little boy who choked on a grape so I cut each grape into 12 pieces before I give them to the boys. I was getting really quick at it until I bought seeded grapes on accident one week... why do those even exists? Kase was trying green grapes for the first time in this picture... not quite as sweet as his favorite purple grapes.

My Mom usually gives the boys a bath on Friday morning when she gets to our house. So I've been letting the boys practice with spoons and their own bowl of applesauce at breakfast on Fridays. They have a blast making a mess... and they are slowly geting better at using a spoon.

Somehow Kyle ends up with applesause in his hair. every.time.

They don't call them sloppy joes for nothin'. Kyle refused to take the little pieces of sloppy joe that I was giving him. He wanted a big piece that he could bite off from. He actually did pretty good keeping it all together.

I feel like a need to add in some more vegetables. What foods am I forgetting to introduce?

Big D Birthdays

A couple weekends ago we drove up to Dallas to celebrate Jenny and Megan's birthdays. Everyone met up at Chipotle in downtown for lunch, where Kyle and Kase ate their weight in black beans. Then we walked a couple blocks to the Dallas World Aquarium. Everyone agreed that it was a really cool place and had way more to offer than the typical aquarium.

One of the first exhibits was an ant eater. At home when Lola jumps on the back door, I've taught the boys to shake their fingers at her and say "No no, Lola." As soon as Kyle saw the ant eater (that was much larger than I would have expected) he started shaking his fist and saying "No no, Lola." Or his version of that anyway.

As you walk along the path, you feel like you are in a rain forest. It was even humid like a rain forest... Ryan, Megan, and Jenny.

These little guys were cute with their handlebar mustaches.

We came prepared with plenty of snacks to eat along the way. The boys did really well. They rode in their stroller for the majority of the time, but wanted to be carried the last bit of the trip.

Once we got to the bottom level, there was a huge glass wall aquarium, where the boys watched the giant fish swim around. I love the look of awe on Kase's face. They were both looking around like that for a long time.

After the aquarium we had a birthday dinner for Megan and Jenny at Pappadeaux. We had reservations with the old folks at 5pm, but it made for an almost enjoyable dinner out with the boys! They usually go to bed at 7, and let us know when we have them out too late. After dinner we slipped the boys into their pajamas in the parking lot and they fell asleep on the way home.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How Embarrassing!

I have thoroughly failed my kids.

As we were taking our place around the parachute during story time at the library, I got a very bad feeling in my stomach. I looked across and saw every other child and parent dressed virtually head to toe in green.

Crap, it's St. Patrick's Day. Of course the boys were dressed as cute as little buttons, but they didn't have a stitch of green on them. Sorry boys... I'll try to do better next year.

Oh, just look at those over achiever moms in the background...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coming Right Along

Sunday afternoon we drove out to Lorena to see the new house. Kyle fell asleep on the way so we left him in the truck (don't worry, the weather was great)while the rest of us checked out our new abode.

Me: Kase, this is your new house.
Kase: Mom, there aren't even any walls here!

We have a copy of the plans so I've been arranging furniture in my head (and with to scale cutouts because I'm a nerd like that), but it was awesome to get to stand in each room that I've imagined.

In just a week the builders got the walls up and the roof on and covered with tar paper. At this point any rain we get should not slow them down too much.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Divine Intervention

Kyle fell this morning and hit the glass door of this cabinet with his head.

But we are not at the ER right now because he doesn't have a scratch on him. What a miracle from God... kinda makes me feel bad I decided that the time change was a good reason to skip church this morning!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

High Waters

I put these pants on the boys earlier in the week. They are size 9 month, but I knew we were not leaving the house except for maybe a walk, and Spring is on it's way (finally) and they won't be wearing sweatpants any longer. So I got one more wear out of them.

It is crazy to think that the first time they wore these pants a)they fit... and were plenty long and b)they were not even walking yet. And that had to be no more than 6 months ago. They grow and change so much and so quickly. It is so neat getting to watch that happen.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moving On Up

Just about 2 weeks after Jason and I decided that we were definitely going to wait at least 2 years to buy a new house in a different school district, we signed a contract on a house that was under construction.

We had been passively looking at houses in Lorena, where he and I both went to high school, because we wanted to live in Lorena ISD before the boys were old enough to go to school. We looked at some houses in a neighborhood that we really liked and ended up making an offer on one that we thought would work for us. We started with a low ball offer that was not accepted. The same day that we heard our offer was rejected, our realtor told us about a house that was being built that was in the same price range as the house we had just made an offer on. We were very interested and got to see the blueprints that night. The next day we looked at a house (next door) that was just completed by the same builder and also got to look at a house on the next street that has the same floor plan, but was built about 5 years ago (it just happened to be for sale... lucky!). We really liked everything we saw and the next week we met with the builder and signed a contract. Wow, I still can't believe it happened so quickly.

The house is a spec house, meaning that a builder builds it on speculation that someone will like it and buy it once complete. So the major components of the house are already decided. But, because we signed a contract at an early stage in the building process we will get to make decisions and pick out things along the way. Our first assignment was to pick out the brick. Jason and I met at the brick place on Friday and narrowed our choice down to three different selections. Then over the weekend we drove around town looking at houses with those bricks.

The house has four bedrooms, but we want to boys to continue to share a room for a while... probably until they outgrow their toddler beds. So the extra bedrooms will become a play room and an office/den. And because we get to make little changes along the way, the builder is going to leave out a closet in the office and put in a built in desk with lots of cabinet storage above. I love that we get to make the house work for our family and our needs.

Now for some pictures...

Thursday, March 4th

On the day we signed the contract this is was the house looked like. They were just getting ready to pour the cement slab.

Our friend, Corey, works for the concrete company that poured the the slab and sent this to me right after it was poured.

Monday, March 7th

It rained all day Monday... all day. It looks like they dropped off the lumber and supplies and waited for the rain to let up before getting started on the framing.

Tuesday, March 8th

What a difference a day makes... both with the weather and the progress on the house. Today was an absolute beautiful day, 75 degrees and perfect. Jason drove by the house at lunch and snapped this picture on his phone. It is starting to look like a house. The room in the front corner will be the play room.

Now, I need your help. What little changes/ additions can we included to make life easier in our new hosue? What features do you have in your house that you like? Jason's parents suggested having outdoor electrical outlets put under the eves of the house to plug Christmas lights into... so that we don't have to run extension cords everywhere. And after Kase pulled the cord that runs from the camera for the video monitor to the outlet away from the wall where it was secured, I decided that I want an outlet up high on the wall in their bedroom to plug the camera directly into. What else?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Snow Day

A couple weeks ago we had a random snow day... two days after near perfect 70 degree weather. It snowed most of the day, and it was that good fluffy snow, not icy snow that we usually get here in Texas. This was probably the third or forth time it has snowed since the boys have been born and I had never gotten pictures of them in the snow. So I decided to bundle them up the best I could (we don't have a lot of cold weather gear) and take them outside in the snow for a few pictures. It took me at least 20 minutes to get them dressed and I think we were back inside after 5! Oh, well... I got my pictures!

Cool Dude Shades

The boys love to play with and wear these sunglasses. They smile from ear to ear when we put them on and call them "cool dudes."

Silly Boys

Around 10:30 each morning I give the boys a sippy cup of milk and a snack trap with either some gold fish or graham cracker sticks. They sit in their chairs and eat and drink until it is time to lay down for their nap. On this particular day I left them in the living room with their snacks and went back into the kitchen to do some things. I walked back into the room a little later and found Kyle sitting up on the arms of the chairs. Looks like he just got finished pulling both of his socks off. Silly boys!

Last Sunday was a very strange afternoon. Both Jason and I were hanging out at home and the boys took afternoon naps at completely different times. So it was two on one for most of the afternoon. And it was really weird! At one point Kase was up and Kyle was napping and we heard the ice cream truck outside. The weather was great outside and Jason got very excited about getting some ice cream for the boys. Kase happened to be wearing his "cool dude" shades at the time! Silly boy!

The door to our bedroom stays closed most of the day so any time I walk in there the boys are right on my heels. Their favorite place to hang out in there is the closet. They love to pull the dirty clothes and shoe boxes out and string them all over the floor. Kase made himself a little sitting area with the shoe boxes. Silly boy!

Several weeks ago we visited our friends, Jill, Scott, and their daughters Avery and Abbie, in Mesquite. Jill showed us these cool Color Wonder markers and paper made by Crayola. The markers only write on the special paper, no where else! I grabbed a package of markers and a couple coloring books when I was at Target the other day. I set the boys up and showed them how the markers worked. They had more fun taking the lids off of the markers and putting them back on... and taking them off... and putting them on.... Silly boys!

I got the dust buster out to vacuum up a couple goldfish that got stepped on and Kyle thought he had to play with the dust buster before I put it up. He "vacuumed" with it until the thing went dead. Silly boy!

And this is just a bonus picture of Kase! Jenny calls him a gentle soul.