Monday, February 1, 2010

Upromise What?

About five months ago I signed up for a Upromise account and then a few days later created 529 college savings accounts for the boys. Four years of college at a state school in Texas is estimated to run just under $100,000. Time TWO ya'll!

You can earn money from Upromise several ways. You can eat at certain restaurants and use certain credit cards when you do it. You can buy certain groceries at certain grocery stores. You can earn a percentage of your online purchases. And you can earn a percentage of purchases charges on your Upromise credit card (kinda like you would earn miles on some credit cards). Right now I have almost $100 in my Upromise account.

I earn the most from my Upromise credit card and from online purchases. There are literally hundreds of online stores that will give 1-20 percent of your purchase back to you to use for college down the road. Examples...

The Shutterfly contribution is 8%
Old Navy is usually 2%, but it 20% until February 4th.
The Children's Place is 3%
Target, Kohl's, Office Max, Best Buy, Pottery Barn, Victoria's Secret, even ebay. Seriously, just about every online store out there with give a Upromise contribution.

What's that? You want to help Kyle and Kase go to college too? If you don't already have your own Upromise account and you do any amount of online shopping... you can also earn money for Kyle and Kase to go to college. If you click on the link below and then search for the store you want to shop at, the online store's contribution will get deposited into my Upromise account. The deposit will just show up under "guest shopping." I won't know who did the shopping or what was bought. So I won't be all up in your business!

And if you have your own little one to save for, consider setting up an Upromise account. Every little bit helps, right?

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Edison said...

I've never heard of this. And, um Baylor is projected to cost $400,000!!!