Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kyle's Hat

When the boys were just a few weeks old, the Pitts Family came over for a visit and Cason left his Sponge Bob hat at our house. It hung on a hook by the front door for a long time because I could never remember to return it to Cason. Months had passed and the Pitts' were over again. I was so proud of myself for remembering to give the hat back to Cason. As I was handing the hat back to Cason, Kyle saw it and decided that it was something that he might want. Cason was nice enough to give it to Kyle and let him keep it. I need to remember to thank Cason for that very nice gesture... because Kyle now LOVES that hat! It still hangs on the hook by the front door and Kyle asks (reaches and whines) for someone to get it down just about every day.

He loves to put it on and take it off... and put it on and take it off... And I think he looks like such a little boy with it on!

This hat has become "Kyle's hat." There are a few toys/objects that each of the boys gravitate to. Kase used to carry around this little purple telephone. It was "Kase's phone." One day I noticed that Kase was holding "Kyle's hat." I watched Kyle bring Kase a different baseball hat and then take his from Kase. The switch worked and Kase didn't freak out.

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