Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Baptismal Birthday

Today is Kyle and Kase's Baptismal Birthday. One year ago today they became children of God. It is a very special day for our family. Today would have been my grandpa's 80th birthday. He also had a twin brother, and Kase's middle name (Warden) comes from his last name (Wardenburg). We all miss him so much!

I remember getting ready for church one year ago today. I had written out a detailed schedule that included both Lara and Eric coming over to hold babies so that we could all make it to church in time for the late service at 10:30. We were still 10 minutes late! And I remember being quite proud that we almost made it there on time. Its easier to get us dressed and out of the house these days, but we still can't manage to get to church on time!

It was special standing in the same spot that Jason and I had been married in just a year and a half before, as the boys were baptised into God's family.

Kyle on the left, Kase on the right

Lara and Jenny (Kyle's sponsors) and Megan and Eric (Kase's sponsors)

Today my Mom brought over an angel food cake to celebrate! She bagged a piece up for me to eat on my way to work... yum! The boys got to have a little sample too! Jenny sent me these pictures of the boys eating cake.

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