Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with Jason's family on December 12th because his brother, Ben, and his family had made the trip down from Kansas to visit that week. It may not have been a traditional Christmas celebration since it was two weeks before Christmas, but it worked out great and alleviated a ton of stress. And I think it is way more important to have everyone together than the actual date on the calendar.

Jason's Mom had tons of food for us to nibble on all day... and we sure did eat it ALL DAY LONG! There were sausage balls, crabbies, trash, several kinds of cookies, and then an actual meal. I think I probably ate my weight in food that day.

We opened the kids' presents first and then waited until they went down for a nap to open adult gifts. Kyle, Kase and Madison all got into tearing the wrapping paper off all of their gifts... and there were TONS of gifts.

Kyle wears these plastic beads around his neck every time we are at Grammy and Papa's. He loves them!

Kyle opening his first present... a steering wheel with all kinds of lights and sounds.

The boys didn't know what to do with all their new toys surrounding them.

Kase didn't want to ride his new tricycle yet, but he loved pushing it around the living room.

Kyle and Kase gave Madison a chest of dress up clothes. She was so excited and wanted to show everyone her new princess dress.

Great Nanny had a good time just sitting back and watching the kids go through their gifts. She also got in a little snuggle time with Kase.

So, what else did they get? Kyle, Kase and Madison each got their own special chair. I need to work on teaching the boys which chair has their name on it.... they've got it backwards. One of them (can't remember who) also got the little Baby Einstein toy that Kase has in his hand. They fought over that thing so much over the next 24 hours that I had to go to Target and get another one! Of course as soon as I put it in the toy box, Kyle grabbed both of them and walked around with one in each hand for a while. Typical!

They also got this neat drum set. It came with some jingle bells, a tambourine, a maraca, and of course drum sticks. They fight over the drum sticks as well, but thankfully there are two of those! Kyle also likes to put the lid on his head or smash it against his face as he looks through it.

I can't get this picturs in the correct spot and I'm tired of trying....

And they each got a Scout puppy. I love those little dogs. They are so sweet. You can plug them into a computer and input your kid's name, favorite food, color, animal, etc. Then when you touch one of his paws he will say something like "I love you, Kase!" or "Let's sing a song about you, Kyle." And he has the sweetest little voice. They boys' faces just light up when he says their names.

We had a great celebration with Jason's family. They boys are just at such a fun age. Thanks to everyone for ALL of their gifts. I need to go through the old toys and make room for the new ones.

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JHP said...

Cute pic with the puppy dog! I purged Harper's toys, too. Took a slew of them to storage since we might need them again someday! ;)