Friday, January 29, 2010

Phone Photo Friday

Oh, the Target cart...

I'd been warned about the Target cart. Warned that my kids wouldn't be able to resist touching each other as they sat so close to one another, face to face. Warned that they would want to take whatever most desired object out of the other's hands. Warned that it wasn't quite as much fun as it looked.

But, it called to me. It called to me as I parked next to the cart return. The lone cart in the parking lot just asking to be used, attracting me with it's bright orange germ resistant plastic.

My kids will be different. My kids will enjoy getting to sit like big boys. They will laugh and giggle and play while I happily shop for a birthday present for their father. It will be almost like an amusement park ride!

And cue end of foggy dream sequence!

Holy cow, was I wrong about the Target cart! It didn't help that their nap time was fast approaching, but jeeze! Was this a joke? I headed over to the baby isle and grabbed a box of snacks to try to keep them happy. That only worked for the two second intervals in which there was a snack in their mouth. I bought two new (battery operated, high tech) bath toys for them to hang on to while we shopped. Those both ended up on the floor in no time. I actually stepped on one while I was walking and almost twisted an ankle.

I snapped this picture as we were walking out. Yes, I eventually made it out alive. I think Kase probably has a tummy ache from eating too many snacks and Kyle was trying his hardest to get loose from those dang straps.

Lesson learned!


JHP said...

You took them to Target? I thought that was OUR special place?! ;)

Cute pic, at least!

Lara said...

Nice use of voice in the opening section!

LauraC said...

Some lessons you have to learn the hard way!!