Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Fun In The Tub

Kyle hates taking a bath. I don't know what to do.

We used to give the boys a bath in the plastic tub in the kitchen sink, but they got too big for it so we graduated to the big bath tub. I'm pretty sure Kase liked it right off the bat, but Kyle hated it. He would scream as soon as he was lifted over the edge. Our bath tub is original to the house (old) and is made of porcelain so it is pretty slippery when it is wet. (I actually slipped and fell when I was pregnant with the boys, but luckily ended up landing on my butt outside the tub.) I thought maybe Kyle didn't feel safe in the bath because it was hard for him to get a good grip on anything.

So, I bought this...

No dice! So I bought this...

Hates it!

I tired blowing it up and letting them play with it outside of the bathroom. I tried giving Kase his bath first to let Kyle see what a fun time he has. I bought bath toys to try and divert his attention. I'm out of ideas. Kyle's baths are about 30 seconds of him screaming while I try to clean all of his parts and get the soap rinsed off of him before he draws blood from digging his fingernails into my arms.

It's so weird... he liked the ocean and LOVED the swimming pool, so its not the actual water that he doesn't like. And the kid loves to be naked! Here he is after a bath, running away from me as I chase him with a diaper. At least he snaps out of it as soon as bath time is over.

And here is one a sweet Kase all wrapped up in the frog towel that Gibi got him for Christmas.

Anyone have any ideas for me?


Laura said...

M hated baths around this age too, and now she LOVES them. Just make them as quick and infreqent as possible, and I bet he comes around in a few months. We can't get her out now!

Jen said...

You know, I feel like we went thru this with one of my twins for a while. I think we might have started making that boy take a shower with one of us. He HATED it but it was easier to wash him quickly and hand him to the parent on the outside than it was for us to bathe him from the side of the tub when he had the power to splash.

He outgrew it in a few months.

Does Kyle hate having a bath even when you don't wash his hair? Would he agree to a "playing bath" where he didn't have to sit still and be washed, or have water poured over his head?