Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kyle Signs "More"

The boys sometimes watch Baby Signing Times DVDs (with Rachel Coleman, love them!) and I try to use the signs that they teach when I can.

This morning when I was nursing Kyle (yes, still not weaned... that's another blog) I could have swore that he made the sign for "more." You tap your fingertips together to say more. I took note of it, but figured it was just a coincidence. Then later that morning I asked him to sign more and he did it! I was looking over my shoulder to see if anyone else had seen what I had. Of course I was here by myself with the boys, but I was so proud of Kyle. I got a little bit on video. He did it several more times during the day and also at dinner. I got him to ask for more each time I would set each piece of grilled cheese on his tray. I felt kinda like I was teaching a trick to a dog, but whatever!

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