Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas Eve... Yeah, I Know It Is Almost February...

Jason gave me a new memory card for my camera for Christmas, and all the pictures from Christmas Eve were taken on my old card (before I opened my present). Once I opened it, I switched out the cards because we were about to leave for the cruise and I needed the space on the new card.

I remembered having a conversation with someone that night about a safe place to put the old card because it held a year's worth of pictures of the boys... only I could not remember who the conversation was with or the "safe" place that we spoke about. Give me a break... there was alot going on. We were about to take two babies out of the country for a week!

Once we got back and I wanted to blog about Christmas Eve night, I realized that I couldn't find my old memory card. I asked everyone in attendance that night if they remembered having that conversation with me. No one did. Crap, I needed that card!

A couple weeks later my Mom told me that she found the card and that she vaguely remembered the conversation, but didn't want to get my hopes up in case she was wrong! But, she was right! And the card was in a "safe" place after all! So... I bring you Christmas Eve pictures...

Jason and I headed over to my parents' house with the boys in the late afternoon, after a very stressful day of packing for the cruise... thank goodness my cousin, Jewell, was in town to help entertain the boys while we packed. My Mom made lasagna and we were given strict instructions not to leave any left overs to spoil while we were gone. Mission accomplished!

We all went to Christmas Eve service at church. And yes, I dressed my kids in shorts for the sole reason of being able to wear their overpriced Christmas outfits for a second time. Deal!

After church we came home and opened presents at their house. This is the second year that the adults have exchanged names instead of buying everyone a gift... best idea ever! Less stress, less money to spend, less shopping, less trying to think of something that we want because we really already have everything we need.

Of course the boys got presents from everyone! TONS!

We had our traditional pumpkin roll dessert and then headed to bed so that we could all wake up early the next morning and drive to the airport! Man, what a day! I'm glad I have the pictures to remember it by!

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