Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guess Who Just Loves The Bath Now?

Yeah, that is Kyle all soaped up in the bath tub! One day he just decided to become a completely different kid when it was time to take a bath. No idea how/why, but I'm thanking my lucky stars that I don't have to put up with the screaming. It was kinda like giving a wild cat a bath. And the next time something isn't going my way, I'm going to complain about it on my blog and maybe it will change!

Kyle even wanted to get back in when it was Kase's turn. Then he started whining when I wouldn't let him. I can't win!!


Aunt Enny gave the boys these weird onesies for Christmas. Intw?

There, that's better!

Hehehe! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Phone Photo Friday

Oh, the Target cart...

I'd been warned about the Target cart. Warned that my kids wouldn't be able to resist touching each other as they sat so close to one another, face to face. Warned that they would want to take whatever most desired object out of the other's hands. Warned that it wasn't quite as much fun as it looked.

But, it called to me. It called to me as I parked next to the cart return. The lone cart in the parking lot just asking to be used, attracting me with it's bright orange germ resistant plastic.

My kids will be different. My kids will enjoy getting to sit like big boys. They will laugh and giggle and play while I happily shop for a birthday present for their father. It will be almost like an amusement park ride!

And cue end of foggy dream sequence!

Holy cow, was I wrong about the Target cart! It didn't help that their nap time was fast approaching, but jeeze! Was this a joke? I headed over to the baby isle and grabbed a box of snacks to try to keep them happy. That only worked for the two second intervals in which there was a snack in their mouth. I bought two new (battery operated, high tech) bath toys for them to hang on to while we shopped. Those both ended up on the floor in no time. I actually stepped on one while I was walking and almost twisted an ankle.

I snapped this picture as we were walking out. Yes, I eventually made it out alive. I think Kase probably has a tummy ache from eating too many snacks and Kyle was trying his hardest to get loose from those dang straps.

Lesson learned!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas Eve... Yeah, I Know It Is Almost February...

Jason gave me a new memory card for my camera for Christmas, and all the pictures from Christmas Eve were taken on my old card (before I opened my present). Once I opened it, I switched out the cards because we were about to leave for the cruise and I needed the space on the new card.

I remembered having a conversation with someone that night about a safe place to put the old card because it held a year's worth of pictures of the boys... only I could not remember who the conversation was with or the "safe" place that we spoke about. Give me a break... there was alot going on. We were about to take two babies out of the country for a week!

Once we got back and I wanted to blog about Christmas Eve night, I realized that I couldn't find my old memory card. I asked everyone in attendance that night if they remembered having that conversation with me. No one did. Crap, I needed that card!

A couple weeks later my Mom told me that she found the card and that she vaguely remembered the conversation, but didn't want to get my hopes up in case she was wrong! But, she was right! And the card was in a "safe" place after all! So... I bring you Christmas Eve pictures...

Jason and I headed over to my parents' house with the boys in the late afternoon, after a very stressful day of packing for the cruise... thank goodness my cousin, Jewell, was in town to help entertain the boys while we packed. My Mom made lasagna and we were given strict instructions not to leave any left overs to spoil while we were gone. Mission accomplished!

We all went to Christmas Eve service at church. And yes, I dressed my kids in shorts for the sole reason of being able to wear their overpriced Christmas outfits for a second time. Deal!

After church we came home and opened presents at their house. This is the second year that the adults have exchanged names instead of buying everyone a gift... best idea ever! Less stress, less money to spend, less shopping, less trying to think of something that we want because we really already have everything we need.

Of course the boys got presents from everyone! TONS!

We had our traditional pumpkin roll dessert and then headed to bed so that we could all wake up early the next morning and drive to the airport! Man, what a day! I'm glad I have the pictures to remember it by!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My sister came over today to help my Mom take the boys to the Mayborn Museum this afternoon. This is the conversation we had as she walked in the door.

Jenny: Why does your house smell like that?

Me: Like what?

Jenny: Like poop.

AWESOME! I can think of two reasons!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Little Pack Mules

My Mom and Dad watched the boys on Saturday, January 16th, so that Jason and I could take down Christmas decorations, do some yard work and I could attend a baby shower for a friend. When I was getting their things together I decided to pack them in their backpacks. We got each of the boys their own little backpack with their name on it for Christmas. Kase's is brown with red lettering.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is Jason's 31st birthday. I made him pancakes (from scratch) and bacon this morning, and he got to eat them with the boys before he left for work.

Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Phone Photo Friday

Every Wednesday in January Chick-Fil-A is giving away a free breakfast item. This Wednesday we hit up the drive-thru on our way to play group at Harper's house. The free item was a yogurt parfait with either granola or Oreo cookie pieces. I was forced to pick the Oreo since the granola had raisins in it! yuck!

Fast forward about 24 hours to Thursday. We were on our way to pick up dry cleaning after the gym and Kyle started fussing in his car seat. He seemed to want the water bottle I was drinking out of so I reached back and gave it to him to make him happy while we drove. A few minutes later I heard gurgling and giggling. I looked back to find him letting the water he was "drinking" run out of his mouth and all over his shirt. Doesn't he just look like trouble?

Through all of this Kase was being very quiet. He was sitting directly behind me so I hadn't seen him when I was turned around laughing at Kyle. While we were waiting at the dry cleaners, I finally turned all the way around and saw why Kase had been so quiet. He was able to reach the Chick-Fil-A bag from the day before that had the empty yogurt container in it and was going to town licking up what was left. Somehow Kase still manages to look sweet!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Great Outdoors

I had the boys by myself one Sunday afternoon. I had grown very tired of trying to keep them entertained, and the whining was getting to me. So I put the boys' hoodies on (the heaviest jackets that they have... I'm trying to get through this winter without having to buy anything else) and we headed to the front yard to play.

That was the ticket! They laughed and giggled as they pushed their scooters all over the front yard for almost half an hour.

They haven't figured out how to go forward, but they can scoot backwards a little bit.

And then Kase found the flower(less) bed and had his first taste of dirt.

No harm done... he was quickly on to the next thing!

And just as the scooters and dirt were getting old, I brought out the tunnel!

Watching them play outside made me realize that they are turning into little boys. I'm excited to think of all the fun times we will have playing outside this summer, but I can't believe my babies aren't babies anymore! Everything is just so bitter sweet.

Happy Birthday To Us... Again!

Because we were somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean on the boys' birthday, they didn't get to celebrate with Grammy and Papa, Jason's parents. We went over to their house after the boys' morning nap on January 9th.

The boys played all over the house, we ate lasagna, they took another nap, and we had cake and ice cream.

I was lazy and didn't throw a first birthday for them when we got back from the cruise...bad Mommy!

So That They Could Wear The Shirts One More Time....

...I took some pictures of the boys playing with some birthday balloons.

A Walking Update

I never got around to documenting the boys' first steps. Kyle took his first steps when I was home with them on Sunday, December 6th. Kase's were a couple weeks later when my Mom was at home with them. I didn't write it down so now I don't know the exact date... bad Mommy!

Kyle pretty much mastered walking in about a month, and now it is his major mode of transportation. He is even good at the falling part and has learned to fall on his butt instead of his head.

Kase is a little more cautious. He will take 5-10 steps at a time, but they are slow and thought out. He would much rather be walking behind a push toy or along furniture or a wall so that he has something to help him balance.

On a somewhat related note, I ordered these cute shoes for the boys... got a good deal! They like wearing them, and Kyle even tries to put them on by himself. And the best part is that they don't/can't take them off. We have lost approximately 42 single socks due to Kyle's obsession of taking his and other's socks off!

Bucket Head

Kyle loves to put things on his head...bowls, the lid to the blocks, the top to the drum... and even normal things like hats! When he does I call him a bucket head and he laughs.