Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas...

...from the cutest boys I know!

I wonder if these two will show up on the naughty or nice list? It sure looks like they are up to something in these picutes!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Keepin' It Real

I usually only post about the cute/ funny/ happy things that happen around here. Here is a reminder for me that it isn't all ice cream and butterflies!

Sometimes they are just ridiculous.

And I love them in spite of it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Late Night Workout

Getting the boys' teeth brushed each night is equivalent to running an 8 minute mile.

After baths, and diapers (and tape for Kase), and milk, and pajamas, and a few books we head back into the bathroom so the boys can brush their teeth. They are always happy to do so... their toothbrushes and toothpaste have Thomas the train on them!

I'm usually out of breath from repeating myself so many times.

"Who gets the red toothbrush?"

"Who gets the blue toothbrush?"

"Yes, that is a red choo."

"No, you have enough paste."

"Yep, green choo."

"Eeeeeee, brush the front teeth"

"Boys, we brush our teeth in the bathroom"

"Kyle, don't touch the toilet paper."

"Kase, back in the bathroom."

"No more paste."

"Ahhhhh, get the ones in the back."

"Hey, back in the bathroom."

"Yeah, blue choo."

"Yuck, don't touch the toilet."

"Are you brushing?"

"Ok, all done? Toothbrushes back in the cup."

"Kyle, don't flush the toilet."

"Ok, back to your room."

By the time we get them to bed, I'm exhausted. And its only 7:00.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kyle's Baby

Kyle has a baby that we use as a device to get him happily into bed. The baby stays in Kyle's bed for the most part, and around bed time and nap time we ask him where the baby is. He is happy to get into bed so that he can lay the baby in the exact same spot and cover him up with his lovey.

Its funny... he loves to chew on one of the corners of his lovey, but he is careful to not pull the lovey off the baby. And sometimes he will even chew on the corner of his pillow or blanket instead so that baby can use the lovey. I think it is such a selfless and loving thing to do.

Kyle may be ridiculous with his demands at times, but he has such a loving heart. I turn to a pile of mush when Kyle looks up at me, touches my cheek, and sweetly says "Mom." And I about squeezed his head off when I walked out of our bedroom, dresses and ready to go church, and Kyle said "Momma pretty." Yeah, there may have been some training there!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not Our Christmas Card...

These pictures will not be on our Christmas card this year. I had grand ideas (as always) of getting some cute shots of the boys in their winter hats, but I didn't think any of them were Christmas card worthy.

Love this picture of Kase. Hate the dried snot all over his face!

And the rest of them were cute enough, but left me with no inspiration. So, onto the blog they go!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Lawn Boys

All THREE of my boys are a little obsessed with mowing the grass. Jason has even posted pictures of our grass on Facebook!

The boys both know the word "mower." And usually sometime during the fiasco that is getting them in the car, one will run over to the mower in the garage, touch it, and announce that it is a "mower, Dad's mower!"

Kyle and Kase were nice enough to help out with the yard work this Sunday afternoon, back in November.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dad's Boots

I think I've mentioned before that the boys really like shoes and boots. You run a risk anytime you want to sit down to put your shoes on.

Jason was not quick enough this morning and the boys jacked his boots.

Jason got a little excited when he realized that he and the boys were all wearing their Aggie gear. Whoop!

"Cool boots!" Everything is cool these days!

Love these guys!

And just for my records... the boys are both wearing size 7 shoes right now.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Toast Anyone?

Apparently Kyle and Kase like their peanut butter sandwiches toasted. I'm not so sure this toaster will give them the results they are looking for!

At least they get it, right?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Baby

Our morning runs have been a little later that usual. I've been waiting until 9:30 or 10 to head out with the boys in the stroller so that the temperature can warm up a few degrees. We are out for almost an hour each morning, so the end of our run gets close to nap time.

This morning Kyle fell asleep in the stroller before I could get us all back home. And then he stayed asleep when I got him out of the stroller. And then he stayed asleep when I laid him on the couch. And he even stayed asleep while I took a shower and Kase played all around him.

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We are having some issues in the Coats household. Diaper issues. And it is not so much we, as it is KASE! The kid will not keep his diaper on.

One minute Kyle, Kase and I will all be in the same room, and the next minute I will notice that Kase is missing. I'll hunt him down and find him standing naked, holding his diaper in his hand.

And Kase will take his pants and diaper off in his crib before falling asleep for naps and bedtime. One night I went in to check on the boys before I went to bed and found Kase sleeping, with no pants, on wet sheets. Jason changed the sheets while I tried to diaper and clothe a kid who just wanted to roll over an go back to sleep.

The boys have an Elmo DVD about going to the potty that they watch sometimes. They learned the word "potty" from it and have been known to bust into the bathroom and yell "Momma potty" from time to time.

Lots of times Kase would head to the bathroom and take his diaper off there. He would move the step stool over to the toilet and stand in front of it. Once I tracked him down, he would point to the toilet and say "potty."

Even though the boys were showing interest in the potty, I didn't think they were ready to be potty trained. I don't even like typing those words. The idea of potty training two boys scares me to death.

But, Kase was not letting up. I would find him naked in the bathroom like 4 times a day. So I thought I would facilitate the idea and let the boys pick out some potties at Target.

That trip to Target is one I will NEVER forget! Jenny was able to meet me in the parking lot so we took the boys inside, no stroller, no shopping cart. I had heard that it was best to let your kid pick out the potty so that they are excited about it.

I felt so overwhelmed once we found the potty isle. I had no idea what kind of potty to get. I didn't even know if little boys were supposed to stand or sit. Plus I had two almost two year olds running free in Target.

We ended up getting three potties that day. I know, 3 potties for 2 kids... a little excessive. I let Kase pick between the Elmo and the Diego ring. He chose Elmo. Notice that they are still snacking on their Chick-Fil-A breakfast!

And Kyle got to try out the other kind of potty. Jenny and I cracked up when Kyle sat side saddle on this one.

Kyle is new to this too! He figured it out though!

Kyle had made his choice and tried to carry it all the way to the registers. And this wasn't Kyle's only trick. Once we got to the register, Kyle reached in and pushed a button... which happened to be the off switch to the register computer. The screen went black... I was mortified! I walked out of there with my head hanging.

Not long after we got home with the 3 potties, they were given the ax. Kase was very excited about the new potties, but can't really figure out how to actually go. He ended up taking his diaper off even more and was never able to go in the potty.

So the potties were put up, and the duct tape came out. I started putting a ring of duct tape around Kase's diaper and it seems to be doing the trick. He even yells "tape" when he sees me coming at him with the roll of duct take and a clean diaper. And he usually doesn't even put up a fight.

I suppose if we are going to have issues, these are the ones to have. No one is worse off and we have plenty of stories to tell the boys' girlfriends when they are older!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010


One morning I was snuggling with the boys on the couch when a moth, that got in the night before, flew over our heads. Kyle pointed and yelled "bug!" One second passed and I saw a little light bulb go off in his head. He jumped up off my lap and pulled me over to the front entry way.

He yelled "bug" again, plopped down on his belly, and pointed to a baby cricket that was on it's last leg. He must have seen/ played with/ possibly paralyzed the cricket earlier, and seeing one bug reminded him of the other bug.

It is so fun to get to watch their little minds grow and develop.

And I don't really know what is up with our bug issues. We don't normally have so many dead and live bugs around!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decking The Halls

I've been a member of the Junior League of Waco for about five years now, and this year I served as Vice Chair of Treasury for our Deck The Halls holiday gift market. In other words, I lived at the Waco Convention Center for four days straight.

I have been excited for the boys to participate in the Children's events since before they were born. Because I was busy with my Treasury duties and Jason went to College Station for a football game, my parents stepped in to chauffeur the boys to the events of the day.

First there was the Breakfast with Santa. There was Chick Fil A there, so it was pretty much awesome for the boys! I got to sneak away for a few minutes and check out how things were going.

Chick Chick...good! Milk...good!

The theme of the event was Pajama Time on the Polar Express, so all the kids wore their pajamas and rang their jingle bells to get Santa to appear.

Santa made his way around all of the tables, and we got to snag a picture with him. I'm hoping if we take enough pictures with Santa this holiday season, at least one will turn out. This wasn't it!

After breakfast and story time, my parents took the boys home to take a nap, and then brought them back to the convention center for the gingerbread event. I got to sneak away again, but by the time I got there the boys were done with decorating and had moved on to running around the huge room. There were lots of photo ops set up, but I didn't catch anything Christmas card worthy. Plus Kase had taken over my name badge and was wearing it around his neck.

The boys were fascinated by a fellow Leaguer's baby. They got right down by her, and she would just giggle and laugh at them. They loved it.

"Kyle, what's on your shirt?"

At one point, I looked back at our table and saw my Dad working on the gingerbread trains that the boys had abandoned!

When it was time to go, we all looked down at the BEAUTIFUL trains that the boys had made, but decided it would be too difficult to try and get them back to the car with the boys in tow. So I took some pictures so that I could always remember them.

Thank you to Jason and my parents for stepping in while I was gone for four days. It really means a lot to me to be able to support the women and children in our community.

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Little Helpers

The boys are starting to get excited when I talk about them helping me. Kyle, especially, gets such a proud face when I thank him for helping me with something. They like to help load laundry into the washing machine and then put wet chothes in the dryer.

They have had a fasination with brooms forever. And then there is the vacuum and the dustbuster. With a little more training, I'll have these two cleaning the house in no time!