Friday, December 4, 2009

Cute Christmas Picture Idea: FAIL

Years ago, before we had kids and before we were even married, I was looking through samples of Christmas cards on a website. One sample used a picture of a baby that was so cute that I decided I would steal the idea one day. The picture was black and white of a baby sitting and holding a string of Christmas lights. It was taken with no other lights on and no flash. The Christmas lights illuminated the baby and he had a look of awe on his face from seeing the lights.

I remembered that picture all of these years and was so excited to recreated it with the boys. I asked Jason and Aaron to get me an extra string of lights when they bought all of the lights for the outside of the house.

A few nights ago, after dinner and before bedtime, I was going to try and have a photo shoot with the boys. I even realized that it might take a couple tries to get a good picture out of them. While they were still in their high chairs I made my set and took a test shot.

I stripped the boys down to their diapers, because I just think naked babies are cute! Jason helped me sit them together and I plugged the string of lights in. They had the looks of awe that I was hoping for, but my picture perfect photo shoot ended there. Someone, I'm not even sure who, got very excited about the lights and started clapping them together. Two bulbs shattered on my naked babies, while they were still laughing and smiling about the cool lights. I picked one baby up and handed him to Jason and then picked up the other one. I locked them all in their room while I cleaned up the broken glass.

What a big fat FAIL!

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