Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Beginning of the End

I started the weaning process today. The boys nurse around 5am, at 10 am, get a bottle of breast milk that I've pumped the day before at work at 3 pm, and nurse again at 7 pm before going to bed.

I have a decent amount of milk stored up in the freezer so my plan is to give them a bottle at 10 am and then pump as soon as I get to work, around 1:30. So they will still be getting the same amount of milk, but I'm only pumping or nursing 3 times a day instead of 4.

I made up 4 bottles last night, two for me, two for my Mom to give them. They are about 5 ounces of breast milk and 1 to 2 ounces of whole milk. When we got back from the gym and dropping off the recycling this morning, I sat down in the big red chair with the blue pillow like always. I was really nervous that they wouldn't take a bottle from me... I have never given them bottles before and they don't take them from Jason very well. But, all went well! Kyle got excited as soon as he saw the bottle... just like my Mom said he does. And Kase drank about two ounces and then started playing and chewing on the bottle... just like my Mom said he does.

I think my plan will be to continue like this for a week or two and then replace the feeding before bedtime with a bottle. I have a feeling the 5 am feeding is going to be the hardest to drop.

I'm excited about these changes and also a little sad. I'm glad I was able to nurse them for so long. It is our special thing that only we do. I won't miss having to pump at work (or in parking lots, or while on weekend trips, etc.) or cleaning all the parts, but I will miss the comfort that I'm able to give the boys. And I will miss getting to feed them for free! Those gallons and gallons of milk are going to add up! It seems like you miss things a little extra just because you know they are gone for good. Kinda like how you always crave Chick-Fil-A a little extra on Sundays because you know they are closed.


JHP said...

I had to laugh at the Chick-fil-a comment. I used to feel the same way about Rivendell's on Sunday, too!

Lara said...

I didn't laugh. It pissed me off. Now I want Chick Fil A! Dang it!