Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby, Its Cold Outside

It has been pretty cold outside this week so we have had to play inside. I've tried to let the boys play in other room of the house besides just the living room so they don't feel so couped up.

The kitchen cabinets are still so cool to play with. I'm not sure they will ever get old... well, maybe once we get safety latches installed... hopefully this weekend.

Kyle is showing off is standing skills. Yesterday he stood up in the middle of the room all by himself and then pivoted. It wasn't quite a step, but pretty close.

Have I mentioned they are in to everything?

Yep, still cool to Kyle too! (notice the bowl in mid air)

And this is from this morning. I had just brought the boys into the living room after getting them out of their cribs this morning. I changed their (stinky) diapers and then left them for like 10 seconds to go to the bathroom. When I walked out of the bathroom Kyle was standing in the big red chair, smiling from ear to ear as to say "Look Mom, look what I can do now!"

"And look Mom, I have your socks!"

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