Sunday, December 20, 2009

Picture with Santa

I took the boys to the Robinson Christmas parade and festival. I had low expectations of their picture with Santa, but it actually turned out pretty good.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What's the Dill, Pickle?

Jason and I picked up McAllisters for dinner one night. He gave his pickle spear to the boys to try... not a hit!

The first Sunday of each month, admission is free at the Mayborn Museum. The boys are on the edge of being able to take just one nap a day. Their morning nap was a little later than normal because we went to eat after church, so I decided to try and skip their afternoon nap and instead play at the Mayborn. I called Lara in for back up.

Chewing on plastic food that a million other kids have played with... awesome!

Kase-size cabinet doors to play with. Needless to say, these were a hit!

It was snowing on Lara and Kase.

I let Kyle finish his bottle on the way home, and he fell asleep like this. I guess he decided that he needed two naps after all.

Kase was still hanging in there.

Visits from Grammy and Great Aunt Brenda

Saturday, December 5th, while I was out shopping for Christmas presents, Jason's Aunt Brenda came by to see the boys. Then, his mom stopped by too. It was a nice surprise and the boys had fun playing with them both.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snip Snip

My Mom and I took the boys to get their hair cut Saturday. Basy has cut (and permed) my hair since we moved to Texas when I was 5. She made me promise that she would get to give the boys their first haircuts. They were not in dire need of haircuts yet, but with family pictures, Christmas, and the cruise coming up I wanted them to look sharp.

Kyle before...


and after!

Kase before...

and after!

They both did so well. Kyle wiggled more than Kase, but that was to be expected! Basy gave them each a sucker for being so good. And now, with Kase's wispy locks cleaned up, they are hard to tell apart from the back.

See What I Have To Work With?!

Some of these are just too funny not to post.

11 Months

It was slim pickings this month for pictures. Some nights the boys get so wound up before bedtime and it is hard to get them to sit still. I was going to try a second time to get some better pictures, but then I decided not to worry about it. This shows the boys how they really are these days... crazy!

22 lbs 13 1/2 oz.

21 lbs. 8 1/2 oz.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Changing a diaper these days is a task. As is putting on clothes or pajamas.

Jason and I were getting the boys ready for bed on Thursday. He had Kase, and I had Kyle. I was able to get Kyle's clothes and diaper off, but before I could get a clean diaper back on he was off. He crawled away and then stopped and turned around to see if I was coming after him. So I decided to chase him around the house for a little bit, laughing and giggling the whole way!

I'm sure he will want to kill me one day for posting his bare butt all over the internet, but I'll deal with him later!

Grilled Cheese Please!

The boys are starting to eat more table food. I made them a grilled cheese sandwich for the first time on Monday, and they loved it! They eat toast with butter for breakfast sometime so I figured grilled cheese would go over well. I give them whole wheat bread instead of white bread because it has more fiber and is just better for you.

Kyle makes a huge mess when he eats. When he gets full or bored, he starts dropping pieces on the floor. Awesome!

Kase ate as much as or more than Kyle. He stuffs his mouth full and chews until whatever he is eating turns to mush.