Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trick or Treating

Saturday after the game we got a bite to eat at Ninfa's and then headed home so the boys could get another nap in. Then we headed over to the Peel's to go trick or treating with Harper. Carson joined us as well. Harper and Carson bunked up in his wagon, and Harper let the boys ride in hers.

The Dads

Kyle and Kase's first treat.

I let them each have a sucker. I figured it was the safest place to eat a sucker since they were strapped into the wagon and couldn't fall and hurt themselves with it. They both liked (not loved) the suckers. They really made more of a mess than anything.

With Harper, the cool pink kitty, and Carson, the monkey.

Kyle and Kase's first trick or treating experience was a good one, but I know there are many years of trick or treating in our future! And I can't wait! Although it will kinda suck when they can actually eat the candy and we won't get to!

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