Sunday, November 29, 2009

Too cute not to post...

These pictures really have nothing to do with each other, but they are just too cute not to show everyone.

Kyle loves socks. But, Kyle does not love wearing socks. As soon as you put socks on him he starts pulling them off. And he pulls Kase's socks off as well. He likes to chew on them until they are soaking wet or just crawl around with them in his hands. This morning he had pulled both of my socks off.

I put a bunch of plastic bowls and spoons in one of the cabinets that the boys can get into. They love getting in there and pulling them all out.

The boys are still taking baths in the plastic bath tub in the kitchen sink. I tried giving them a bath in the big bathtub and they freaked out. That was a while ago so I need to try it again. It's kind of a pain dragging all the bath stuff to the kitchen, but I can only imagine the back pain I'll have from bending over the side of the bath tub. That day will come sooner or later because they are about to out grow the kitchen sink. Kyle got a mohawk during this bath.

Kyle standing all on his own. Both boys can do this for about 5-10 seconds.

Kase sleeping in his dinosaur jammies in the hotel room while in Dallas for Aunt Megan's wedding. They actually slept pretty good this trip!

Before leaving on a walk in the stroller.

I can remember when we could use the same bib all day... not anymore! These boys are messy eaters.

Somehow Kyle leaked water from his sippy cup all over him. And then got a hold of the spoon. What a mess!

And this is where we USED to keep Lola's dog food. I walked into the dining room from their bedroom and saw Kase like this. I about flipped. Our house is going to be empty soon if I have to keep removing things that the boys can climb on.

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