Monday, November 2, 2009

The Sykora Family Halloween Party

Yes, I know Thanksgiving in almost upon us and I'm just now posting this. Give me a break... I have twin boys who are at the stage when they think that I must be in their line of sight 100 percent of the time. Seriously, I have to sneak out to go the bathroom. And they are standing at the gate crying by the time I finish.

Friday night before Halloween the Sykora Family threw one heck of a Halloween celebration. I believe this was the 5th annual and I can't wait to go back next year. Lora planned so many fun things for the kids. And there were TONS of kids there. I was amazed. They decorated mini pumpkins, made carmel apples, had a mummy making contest, rode on a hay ride and a few declared themselves the winners of the costume contest!

Kyle and Kase were too little to participate, but they had a blast watching all the kids and staying up past bedtime.

Asa, AKA Michael Jackson, slept through the entire party.

My parents were there to help chase babies. Mister made sure Kase got his share of cake!

Kase with a full mouth of cake.

Kase was dresses as Barney Rubble, but looked kinda like Friar Tuck! Cute none the less!

And Kyle showed up as Fred Flinstone.

These two are looking more like sisters and less like mother and daughter. Miss double digit Madison!

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JHP said...

See, becoming a dues paying member of Power Pee-ers United wasn't such a bad idea, now was it? ;)