Monday, November 30, 2009

So Much to Give Thanks For

The boys had a great first Thanksgiving. Jason took them over to his parents' house in the morning so that I could make the mashed potatoes and apple salad that I was bringing to Thanksgiving dinner. They came home and got a short nap before it was time to leave to go to my parents' house. We had to wake Kyle up and he was not very happy about it.

Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year. Megan and Ryan were on their honeymoon in Napa so it was just Mom, Dad, Jenny, Jason, and me and the boys. And Jason left after lunch to go to College Station for the football game. The boys ate everything that we ate and loved it all. They even had Thanksgiving bibs for the special occasion thanks to Jason's Aunt Beverly.

Jenny and Kase

Jason and Kyle

Mike, Pam, and Josh came over for dessert and Josh got to do a little baby entertaining!
The boys took naps at different times during the afternoon so there was always a baby with us in the living room. I wanted to look at the ads (impossible to do with a baby in the room) so my Dad took the boys for a ride in the wagon.

When they got back we pulled out all the food again for round two. The boys chowed down again. Then I put them to bed there so that I could get up early Friday morning and go shopping. I probably should have taken the opportunity to sleep in, but I don't think I'm even capable of sleeping past 7 anymore.

We had a awesome Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for. I am most thankful for these two sweet and healthy little boys!

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