Sunday, November 29, 2009


The boys are non stop these days. They are literally into everything. Here are some of their favorite things to get into...

The boys love to play in this little area between the couch and the wall. I have pillows and blankets thrown back there and they just love to climb all over them.

We keep Lola's dog food in a plastic bin by the back door. The boys love to stand up next to it and bang their hands or toys on it like a drum.

Kyle loves to play with the Diaper Champ in their bedroom. I'm sure its not the cleanest thing to play with in the house, but he is always messing with it while I am changing Kase's diaper and I really don't have an extra hand to keep him from doing it. Ah well!

They also love to play in our room. They love to pull out dirty clothes from the bottom of the closet and pick up my shoes. I try to keep them from putting them in their mouths, but again... two of them, one of me! Here Kyle has gotten the monitor down from my bedside table.

And here Kyle is showing us his thoughts on being closed out of our bedroom.

For some reason the boys love to play with the trays of their high chairs. After each meal I will unsnap them and let them bang them around for a few minutes. I can usually get the dishes picked up while they are playing.

And they have discovered the kitchen drawers and cabinets. We need to get safety latches installed soon. I have a pony tails holder keeping the two doors where all of the cleaning stuff is kept closed, but they get in some of the others. Some of the lower drawers have ziplock bags, bibs, and cloth napkins in them. They have all been scattered across the kitchen floor a time or two.

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