Monday, November 2, 2009

10 Months

More action shots this month! Jason was helping me take these the other night and we just had to start laughing. We had that feeling like "Are you kidding me?" These boys are movers and shakers!

22 lbs. 7 oz.

21 lbs. 9 oz.

Kyle claps now. The other morning I was changing his diaper. I like to give him something to hold to keep him from moving around so much. Sometimes it is like wrestling an alligator! We were in their room and I didn't see anything to hand him within arm's reach so I said to him, "Kyle, can you clap?" And.He.Did.It! I had to call Jason at work and tell him how smart our child was!

Kyle has found a new love... socks. As soon as you put socks on him he tries to pull them off. Sometimes both of them, sometimes just one. He chews on them until they are too wet to even put back on his feet. Sometimes he will pull Kase's socks off too.

Another new thing that Kyle does is make this clicking noise with his mouth. It is very rhythmic and if you start doing it with him he will smile and laugh. Kyle has also stood up without holding on to anything for a few seconds. I'm guessing walking is right around the corner! HELP!!!!

Kase is getting his seventh tooth. He has four on the bottom and the third one on top is coming in. He is getting a little bit more aggressive. Now when Kyle tries to take something that Kase has, he will take it back from him our put his death grip on it. His grip is amazing. He likes to grab the spoon when I am feeding him and sometimes I can not pry his little fingers off the spoon. He usually makes a great mess that way!

Kase is crawling up on all fours all of the time now, and he is just as fast as Kyle. He is still more cuddly that Kyle. But, sometimes he tricks you into picking him up and cuddling just so that he can reach something that he wants! Like the remote control! Man, that kid loves the remote control! When Kase sees something that he thinks he would like to have, he will stick an arm out just to see if he can reach it. And then he has an "Ah, man! Maybe next time!" look on his face if he can't reach it.

Kase has also learned how to say "no." When I am feeding him and he thinks that he has had enough we will shake his head back and forth to say no. Sometimes he does it just to make Kyle laugh. When I see him do it I start shaking my head and saying no. He laughs and smiles!

Along with whole milk I have also been introducing some table food into their diets. They like spaghetti, rice and beans, mashed potatoes, steak, pork, whole wheat pasta, cooked carrots, cheese, and of course cheerios and gold fish crackers.

Both boys are really getting around well. They love when we let them crawl around in the kitchen and dining room, and have figured out that the cabinet doors open and close and make a loud noise when slammed shut.

Life is just so fun these days! I love seeing the boys grown and change and experience new things. They are such little miracles!

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