Monday, November 30, 2009

Deck The Halls

When I got back from Black Friday shopping, Jason and I decorated the house for Christmas. The tree usually goes in the living room, but not this year! This year I had to set it up in the dining room with the play yard around it to keep it safe.

I love my nativity scene. We received the starter pieces as a wedding gift and I've collected the rest of the pieces over the last two Christmases. I didn't do any decorating last year because I was VERY pregnant and I didn't know how the decorations would ever get put back away with two infants in the house. So this is the first year that I've been able to display the entire nativity scene.

Jason wanted to put lights up outside as well. His friend, Aaron, came over to help out. They only had to make two trips to Hobby Lobby to get everything they needed!

I love our stockings too! I found them on Love that place!

So the Coats house is all decorated for Christmas. I still have some shopping to do and lots of wrapping. I'll need to get to it soon because our first Christmas celebration is with Jason's family in less than two weeks!

So Much to Give Thanks For

The boys had a great first Thanksgiving. Jason took them over to his parents' house in the morning so that I could make the mashed potatoes and apple salad that I was bringing to Thanksgiving dinner. They came home and got a short nap before it was time to leave to go to my parents' house. We had to wake Kyle up and he was not very happy about it.

Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year. Megan and Ryan were on their honeymoon in Napa so it was just Mom, Dad, Jenny, Jason, and me and the boys. And Jason left after lunch to go to College Station for the football game. The boys ate everything that we ate and loved it all. They even had Thanksgiving bibs for the special occasion thanks to Jason's Aunt Beverly.

Jenny and Kase

Jason and Kyle

Mike, Pam, and Josh came over for dessert and Josh got to do a little baby entertaining!
The boys took naps at different times during the afternoon so there was always a baby with us in the living room. I wanted to look at the ads (impossible to do with a baby in the room) so my Dad took the boys for a ride in the wagon.

When they got back we pulled out all the food again for round two. The boys chowed down again. Then I put them to bed there so that I could get up early Friday morning and go shopping. I probably should have taken the opportunity to sleep in, but I don't think I'm even capable of sleeping past 7 anymore.

We had a awesome Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for. I am most thankful for these two sweet and healthy little boys!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Too cute not to post...

These pictures really have nothing to do with each other, but they are just too cute not to show everyone.

Kyle loves socks. But, Kyle does not love wearing socks. As soon as you put socks on him he starts pulling them off. And he pulls Kase's socks off as well. He likes to chew on them until they are soaking wet or just crawl around with them in his hands. This morning he had pulled both of my socks off.

I put a bunch of plastic bowls and spoons in one of the cabinets that the boys can get into. They love getting in there and pulling them all out.

The boys are still taking baths in the plastic bath tub in the kitchen sink. I tried giving them a bath in the big bathtub and they freaked out. That was a while ago so I need to try it again. It's kind of a pain dragging all the bath stuff to the kitchen, but I can only imagine the back pain I'll have from bending over the side of the bath tub. That day will come sooner or later because they are about to out grow the kitchen sink. Kyle got a mohawk during this bath.

Kyle standing all on his own. Both boys can do this for about 5-10 seconds.

Kase sleeping in his dinosaur jammies in the hotel room while in Dallas for Aunt Megan's wedding. They actually slept pretty good this trip!

Before leaving on a walk in the stroller.

I can remember when we could use the same bib all day... not anymore! These boys are messy eaters.

Somehow Kyle leaked water from his sippy cup all over him. And then got a hold of the spoon. What a mess!

And this is where we USED to keep Lola's dog food. I walked into the dining room from their bedroom and saw Kase like this. I about flipped. Our house is going to be empty soon if I have to keep removing things that the boys can climb on.


The boys are non stop these days. They are literally into everything. Here are some of their favorite things to get into...

The boys love to play in this little area between the couch and the wall. I have pillows and blankets thrown back there and they just love to climb all over them.

We keep Lola's dog food in a plastic bin by the back door. The boys love to stand up next to it and bang their hands or toys on it like a drum.

Kyle loves to play with the Diaper Champ in their bedroom. I'm sure its not the cleanest thing to play with in the house, but he is always messing with it while I am changing Kase's diaper and I really don't have an extra hand to keep him from doing it. Ah well!

They also love to play in our room. They love to pull out dirty clothes from the bottom of the closet and pick up my shoes. I try to keep them from putting them in their mouths, but again... two of them, one of me! Here Kyle has gotten the monitor down from my bedside table.

And here Kyle is showing us his thoughts on being closed out of our bedroom.

For some reason the boys love to play with the trays of their high chairs. After each meal I will unsnap them and let them bang them around for a few minutes. I can usually get the dishes picked up while they are playing.

And they have discovered the kitchen drawers and cabinets. We need to get safety latches installed soon. I have a pony tails holder keeping the two doors where all of the cleaning stuff is kept closed, but they get in some of the others. Some of the lower drawers have ziplock bags, bibs, and cloth napkins in them. They have all been scattered across the kitchen floor a time or two.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trick or Treating

Saturday after the game we got a bite to eat at Ninfa's and then headed home so the boys could get another nap in. Then we headed over to the Peel's to go trick or treating with Harper. Carson joined us as well. Harper and Carson bunked up in his wagon, and Harper let the boys ride in hers.

The Dads

Kyle and Kase's first treat.

I let them each have a sucker. I figured it was the safest place to eat a sucker since they were strapped into the wagon and couldn't fall and hurt themselves with it. They both liked (not loved) the suckers. They really made more of a mess than anything.

With Harper, the cool pink kitty, and Carson, the monkey.

Kyle and Kase's first trick or treating experience was a good one, but I know there are many years of trick or treating in our future! And I can't wait! Although it will kinda suck when they can actually eat the candy and we won't get to!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

9 1/2 Month Professional Pictures

We had Rachel come up to take another round of pictures of the boys. These are just some of my favorites. I LOVE them all!

Rachel will be back in the area on December 9th to take family pictures with Jason's parents and his brother's family while they are in town from Kansas. Let me know if anyone wants to book a session that day as well. She is super quick at getting the pictures back to you and you get a CD of all the shots. I love that part!

Oh, yeah... I have brown hair now! Hehe!