Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Zoo

The boys slept until 7:30 this morning and then laughed and talked until 8 when I walked into their room to get them up.

I changed their diapers and fed them breakfast like usual. After breakfast on weekdays we head out for a walk/run, but since it was Saturday I didn't feel like going along with the same old routine and decided to take them to the zoo for the first time. All while letting Jason sleep in. Maybe he will return the favor some day... hint hint!

We got to the zoo not long after it opened. The weather was nice and cool and it wasn't too crowded. They boys liked looking at everything and of course just being outside. I think we made it through just about everything but the new Asian Rain forest exhibit (I don't know why I didn't start there). It was getting close to the boy's next meal and nap time so I decided to play it safe and save the orangutans for another visit.

They loved looking at all the fish swimming around.

Kyle and Kase with an alligator...

a cougar...

and a jaguar.

We stopped for a water and cheerio break.

I really love our zoo and I know we will be back to visit often.

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