Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's on the Menu?

This is about a day's worth of food for the boys.

BREAKFAST 7:00 am:

Organic yogurt - bottom row, right side The boys started eating yogurt about 3 weeks ago. I was kinda surprised that they liked it so much. Then I tried a little taste of it. It is whole milk, full fat yogurt... it tastes like heavy cream. It's delicious! I started with plain, but they like all of the different flavors.

Apple Sauce - bottom row, green bowl This is the stuff from the big jar that any kid or adult would eat. I make a cranberry apple sauce with organic apples and frozen organic cranberries, but I ran out of that a few days ago. They like that the best.

Organic Oatmeal - not pictured The past few months I have been giving the boys oatmeal or whole grain cereal in stead of rice cereal. I usually mix it up pretty thick and then dip each bite into the yogurt.

LUNCH 12:30 pm:

Avocado and peaches - green bowl, bottom row Both boys will eat the avocado plain, but I found this recipe online so I tried it. They like it.

Pears - top row, orange bowl From the farmer's market with a little cinnamon added. They love them.

Carrots and Green Beans - top row, green bowl The carrots are from the organic produce section. I read that carrots with the green tops still attached have more nutrients so that's what I used. The green beans were frozen. I couldn't find organic frozen for some reason. I have made fresh green beans in the past(lots of prep work), but the boys didn't really like them. They do like store bought baby food green beans though. So this time I decided to buy frozen and hide them with carrots. It worked. They eat it.

DINNER 6:00 pm:

Peaches - bottom row, pink bowl I bought them at the farmer's market and added a little cinnamon. I actually thought they were sweet potatoes when I got them out of the freezer.

Cheesy Carrots and New Potatoes - top row, blue bowl This is a new recipe, and the boys really like it. But really, what's not to like? The carrots are organic and the new potatoes are from the farmer's market. I just used regular, full fat cheddar cheese. It felt odd buying it after always buying reduced fat for so many years.

Chicken with Apples and Sweet Potatoes - top row, left side I reuse the containers that store bought baby food comes in. This is not one of Kase's favorite things. I end up trying to hide each bite in sweet potatoes. Which was a problem when I discovered that the sweet potatoes were peaches. Luckily I had some store bought squash in the cabinet that did the trick. The chicken is hormone free, but not actually labeled organic. That was the closest that HEB had. It is kind of dry so I usually mix it with something. Next time I will add more sweet potatoes to the recipe.

I try to give them a good variety of food each day. And I would say that they eat home made about 70 percent of the time. I got a good deal on 4 cases of organic store bought baby food a while back, so they were eating less home made. But it is gone now. It didn't take long. If I forget to set a day's worth of food out the night before, then I have to rely on store bought because I don't like to microwave their food. I'm sure it is no big deal, but if I've gone to the trouble of buying mostly organic and cooking it, I don't want to possibly compromise all of my hard work.

Kyle is my good eater. He eats anything! Kase thinks you are trying to poison him each time you put something in his mouth other than apple sauce or sweet potatoes. He is getting better, but I would say that Kyle eats more solids. And I think that is why he has passed Kase up in the weight department.

Also, I feed them with the same spoon out of the same bowl. It's just easier. And I figure if one kid is sick, the other kid will get sick too. No matter if they share a spoon or not.

They nurse five times a day, but I am about to cut it back to four. Kyle will drink water out of a sippy cup, but Kase isn't all that interested. He likes to chew on it though.

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