Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The "New" Play Yard

A few weekends ago I consigned at the Just Between Friends Sale. Consignors got to shop a day before the sale was open to the public. I was very excited to find this play yard for just 20 bucks. Well, 3/4 of what is shown was $20. I decided to buy the extension kit, which includes two more panels, from ToysRUs for another $26. The extra pieces weren't such a good deal, but with two babies who like to move around I figured they needed the extra space.

The weather has finally cooled down so we are able to go outside during the day. The boys could be playing with the same exact toys inside, but would eventually get fussy. If I take them outside they will play nicely by themselves. I'm even able to sit on the bench and read a magazine as they play! So awesome! It's almost like being home alone!

If they do start to get fussy when we are outside, I will get in the play yard with them. They like that. I'll lay down, and they will crawl all over me!

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