Friday, September 18, 2009

Lunch Break

I work all day on Friday, but I come home at lunch time to feed the boys. After I get started, my mom usually runs to Chick Fil A and picks up lunch for us. I snapped these pictures when I was home today at lunch.

Hopefully the boys will love Chick Fil A as much as I do... so far Kase just likes their lids!

Its been a few weeks since the boys have actually sat in this thing and played, but they love to pull up on it. I guess we will keep it around for that purpose for a while longer.

Could these two look any different? I'm glad that I have two cute faces to love on each day!

They have finally mastered the art of sitting down. For a while they would pull up on something and then cry because they could not get back down.... or fall on their heads... and then cry.

Kyle claps his hands now. Its pretty cute. We play pat a cake with the boys and they both love it. I always tickle them on the "stick it in the pan" part and they just crack up.

Kase was chewing on the hinge of the front door. One of his top teeth has poked through and it looks like the one next to it is about to. He chews on anything he can get his hands on.

These guys make it hard to go back to work!

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