Monday, September 28, 2009

The Lost Files

I keep my small digital camera in my purse, but I don't use it that much (because I love my big Nikon) and I don't download the pictures very often.

Today at work I needed to take some pictures of our sign that got damaged by strong winds to send to the insurance company. When I was downloading those pictures I found all of these memories too!

The first week of June. The boys had just turned 5 months old.

Later in the month of June. At Ninfa's on a Friday night. This was the first time that the boys used high chairs at a restaurant. They could barely sit up in them.

The later part of August. Before football season started. The boys were watching Aggie football practice on the Internet with Dad.

Also in late August. Jason meets a bunch of friends at Poppa Rollo's every Tuesday night so my Mom stays late and helps me get the boys to bed. She used to go pick up Chick Fil A for us, but once the boys got big enough we would go get something to eat with them. We were at Fazoli's on this Tuesday night.

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