Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Luke

Way back on September 6th we attended Luke's first birthday party. Luke's mom, Rachel, did a great job planning the party. The boys had a great time even though we had to leave a little early to make their bedtimes.

Luke has the same water toy that the boys do, and he let them splash around on it.

The birthday boy is telling everyone that he is one! I love those sweet cheeks!

Yea for cake!

It took him a while, but he eventually dove right in!

Lala and Courtney

Cari and sweet little Mase. Mase is showing off his stellar sleeping skills once again! We get it Mase, you take 3 hour naps everyday and sleep 12 hours through the night. Stop rubbing it in! Can you tell I'm just a little jealous!?

We had a great time celebrating Luke's birthday. I can't believe it will be Kyle and Kase's turn in just over 3 months. No way that is possible!

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Edison said...

HA! Don't jinx me!!! you know my next one will be awful - I've got it coming