Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still Catching Up

Some pictures from Sunday, September 2oth.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The "New" Play Yard

A few weekends ago I consigned at the Just Between Friends Sale. Consignors got to shop a day before the sale was open to the public. I was very excited to find this play yard for just 20 bucks. Well, 3/4 of what is shown was $20. I decided to buy the extension kit, which includes two more panels, from ToysRUs for another $26. The extra pieces weren't such a good deal, but with two babies who like to move around I figured they needed the extra space.

The weather has finally cooled down so we are able to go outside during the day. The boys could be playing with the same exact toys inside, but would eventually get fussy. If I take them outside they will play nicely by themselves. I'm even able to sit on the bench and read a magazine as they play! So awesome! It's almost like being home alone!

If they do start to get fussy when we are outside, I will get in the play yard with them. They like that. I'll lay down, and they will crawl all over me!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Lost Files

I keep my small digital camera in my purse, but I don't use it that much (because I love my big Nikon) and I don't download the pictures very often.

Today at work I needed to take some pictures of our sign that got damaged by strong winds to send to the insurance company. When I was downloading those pictures I found all of these memories too!

The first week of June. The boys had just turned 5 months old.

Later in the month of June. At Ninfa's on a Friday night. This was the first time that the boys used high chairs at a restaurant. They could barely sit up in them.

The later part of August. Before football season started. The boys were watching Aggie football practice on the Internet with Dad.

Also in late August. Jason meets a bunch of friends at Poppa Rollo's every Tuesday night so my Mom stays late and helps me get the boys to bed. She used to go pick up Chick Fil A for us, but once the boys got big enough we would go get something to eat with them. We were at Fazoli's on this Tuesday night.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's on the Menu?

This is about a day's worth of food for the boys.

BREAKFAST 7:00 am:

Organic yogurt - bottom row, right side The boys started eating yogurt about 3 weeks ago. I was kinda surprised that they liked it so much. Then I tried a little taste of it. It is whole milk, full fat yogurt... it tastes like heavy cream. It's delicious! I started with plain, but they like all of the different flavors.

Apple Sauce - bottom row, green bowl This is the stuff from the big jar that any kid or adult would eat. I make a cranberry apple sauce with organic apples and frozen organic cranberries, but I ran out of that a few days ago. They like that the best.

Organic Oatmeal - not pictured The past few months I have been giving the boys oatmeal or whole grain cereal in stead of rice cereal. I usually mix it up pretty thick and then dip each bite into the yogurt.

LUNCH 12:30 pm:

Avocado and peaches - green bowl, bottom row Both boys will eat the avocado plain, but I found this recipe online so I tried it. They like it.

Pears - top row, orange bowl From the farmer's market with a little cinnamon added. They love them.

Carrots and Green Beans - top row, green bowl The carrots are from the organic produce section. I read that carrots with the green tops still attached have more nutrients so that's what I used. The green beans were frozen. I couldn't find organic frozen for some reason. I have made fresh green beans in the past(lots of prep work), but the boys didn't really like them. They do like store bought baby food green beans though. So this time I decided to buy frozen and hide them with carrots. It worked. They eat it.

DINNER 6:00 pm:

Peaches - bottom row, pink bowl I bought them at the farmer's market and added a little cinnamon. I actually thought they were sweet potatoes when I got them out of the freezer.

Cheesy Carrots and New Potatoes - top row, blue bowl This is a new recipe, and the boys really like it. But really, what's not to like? The carrots are organic and the new potatoes are from the farmer's market. I just used regular, full fat cheddar cheese. It felt odd buying it after always buying reduced fat for so many years.

Chicken with Apples and Sweet Potatoes - top row, left side I reuse the containers that store bought baby food comes in. This is not one of Kase's favorite things. I end up trying to hide each bite in sweet potatoes. Which was a problem when I discovered that the sweet potatoes were peaches. Luckily I had some store bought squash in the cabinet that did the trick. The chicken is hormone free, but not actually labeled organic. That was the closest that HEB had. It is kind of dry so I usually mix it with something. Next time I will add more sweet potatoes to the recipe.

I try to give them a good variety of food each day. And I would say that they eat home made about 70 percent of the time. I got a good deal on 4 cases of organic store bought baby food a while back, so they were eating less home made. But it is gone now. It didn't take long. If I forget to set a day's worth of food out the night before, then I have to rely on store bought because I don't like to microwave their food. I'm sure it is no big deal, but if I've gone to the trouble of buying mostly organic and cooking it, I don't want to possibly compromise all of my hard work.

Kyle is my good eater. He eats anything! Kase thinks you are trying to poison him each time you put something in his mouth other than apple sauce or sweet potatoes. He is getting better, but I would say that Kyle eats more solids. And I think that is why he has passed Kase up in the weight department.

Also, I feed them with the same spoon out of the same bowl. It's just easier. And I figure if one kid is sick, the other kid will get sick too. No matter if they share a spoon or not.

They nurse five times a day, but I am about to cut it back to four. Kyle will drink water out of a sippy cup, but Kase isn't all that interested. He likes to chew on it though.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Luke

Way back on September 6th we attended Luke's first birthday party. Luke's mom, Rachel, did a great job planning the party. The boys had a great time even though we had to leave a little early to make their bedtimes.

Luke has the same water toy that the boys do, and he let them splash around on it.

The birthday boy is telling everyone that he is one! I love those sweet cheeks!

Yea for cake!

It took him a while, but he eventually dove right in!

Lala and Courtney

Cari and sweet little Mase. Mase is showing off his stellar sleeping skills once again! We get it Mase, you take 3 hour naps everyday and sleep 12 hours through the night. Stop rubbing it in! Can you tell I'm just a little jealous!?

We had a great time celebrating Luke's birthday. I can't believe it will be Kyle and Kase's turn in just over 3 months. No way that is possible!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lunch Break

I work all day on Friday, but I come home at lunch time to feed the boys. After I get started, my mom usually runs to Chick Fil A and picks up lunch for us. I snapped these pictures when I was home today at lunch.

Hopefully the boys will love Chick Fil A as much as I do... so far Kase just likes their lids!

Its been a few weeks since the boys have actually sat in this thing and played, but they love to pull up on it. I guess we will keep it around for that purpose for a while longer.

Could these two look any different? I'm glad that I have two cute faces to love on each day!

They have finally mastered the art of sitting down. For a while they would pull up on something and then cry because they could not get back down.... or fall on their heads... and then cry.

Kyle claps his hands now. Its pretty cute. We play pat a cake with the boys and they both love it. I always tickle them on the "stick it in the pan" part and they just crack up.

Kase was chewing on the hinge of the front door. One of his top teeth has poked through and it looks like the one next to it is about to. He chews on anything he can get his hands on.

These guys make it hard to go back to work!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Morning!

The boys slept pretty late Sunday morning and I could hear them talking and laughing before I went in to get them up so I knew it would be a good morning to catch them on video. They don't always wake up this happy, but I love when they do!

Sorry that it is a little shaky. Kyle decided that he needed to be picked up ASAP and I had to pick him up with just one arm.

No Shirt Thusday

I'm way behind on blog posts, but I'll worry about catching up later and just post some cute pictures from today. The weather has been a little bit cooler here so I'm all about new fall clothes for the boys. I slipped these cute sweat pants on them and stuck them in Kase's crib while I found some shirts to match.

They look like such little guys! Love them!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Go Aggies!

Last weekend was the beginning of College Football Season. Jason and I went with two other couples to the game against New Mexico in College Station. The boys stayed at Jason's parent's house and played all day.

Everyone, including the boys, was decked out in their Aggie gear.

Kyle and Kase had a good time playing with Grammy and Pop. Grammy transformed her living room into a day care for the day.

Jason's Dad brought Nanny over to see the boys.

The boys were asleep when we got back to Beth and Walt's so they stayed the night there and we picked them up in the morning. Kase woke up for the day around 4 am. He looks tired!

It looks like the boys had a great time and so did we. We got to eat at Wing N More and Freebirds... two of Jason's favorites!

This one of Kyle cracks me up!

It was nice to sleep in a little bit Sunday morning, but I could not wait to go get them. I missed them a ton. And I think they missed us. They were very happy to see us and were pretty clingy and cuddly all day on Sunday.