Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things Have Changed

Here is MY living room back when it was only my living room...sometime in October of 2005. I lived here alone and I was able to keep everything tidy... if I chose to!

And here is OUR living room today.

The coffee table now lives in the dining room because it has way too many hard and sharp edges. It is now the resting place for the car seats when they are not in use.

Silly pictures of my girlfriends and I have been replaced by wedding pictures. The wall is lined with swings and bouncy seats that don't get used anymore. At least the big swing is gone... off lending its services to our friend, Asa.

Same TV. Although, Jason has wanted an upgrade for years. I keep putting him off because this one works fine. But, I can assure you that channel 154 (noggin) never graced its presence on the TV back then.

The ottoman is now the diaper changing station. And there is now a trash can in the living room that holds dirty diapers. It is a small one so that is fills up quickly and therefore gets taken out often, but it can still get pretty stinky.

But, even though things have changed and the living room (and the rest of the house) is usually a mess, I would not have it any other way! I love my little messes!


JHP said...

Oh, I love that pic of the boys! I think Kase is practicing "blue steel."

Edison said...

I just told J on Sat that I was so glad your house looks like ours does now!