Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Strollers

Yes, I said strollers! More than one. Three actually.

First there is "the bus." The Baby Trend Double Snap N Go. I think every Mom with twins needs this one. It is only about a hundred bucks and folds down very small and is pretty light weight. It is just the frame of a stroller and the car seats snap into it. We happen to have Baby Trend Flex Loc carseats, but just about any brand of carseat will fit into it.

Its pretty easy to drive as long as both car seats have babies in them so that the weight is distributed evenly. Sometimes one baby (Kyle) will want out of his seat and I'll have to hold him in one arm and try and drive the stroller with the other. That is usually about when our trip out of the house is over!

The Snap N Go is good for when babies are little and don't mind sitting in their car seats for an extended about of time. Its also good for when they fall asleep in the car on the way to where ever we are going. I can lift the sleeping baby in the carseat out of the car and snap him into the stroller and away we go with peacefully sleeping babies.

I don't like using it too much these days, because the boys don't like being strapped in their car seats. They get hot and sweaty and they can't sit up and look around.
Here we are heading into Camile's for dinner Tuesday night. Kase actually fell asleep on the short ride there. And you can see Kyle trying to sit up. I'm sure he started whining to get out as soon as I took the picture.

FYI, I promise Kyle and Kase don't have a brother or sister on the way... even though it looks that way!

And here is our newest stroller. It is the Esprit Sun Speed Duo. Yeah, Esprit as in clothes they used to sell at Dillards, as in the store at the outlet mall in San Marcos that used to give 20% off on Tuesdays to anyone with a student ID. I didn't do a lot of research on this one. I saw a deal and I went for it. alerted me to some random baby website that was selling this double stroller for just 99 bucks, free shipping, no tax. I pounced. I've only used it a couple times, but I like it so far. It has mostly plastic parts, which I've learned from my Dad, means that it might not hold up for long. Hopefully it will get us through our stroller years.

Here we are in the parking lot at Target. The boys last longer in this stroller because they can look around and the straps are not as confining. I debuted this stroller at the mall last week. I liked that the boys liked it. I made several laps around the mall with no complaints. We happened to be out at meal time so I rolled them into the nursing room near the family bathrooms and I was able to get one baby out and nurse while still being able to see and talk to the other baby. And then switch. It really worked out nicely. No melt downs. It also works nice to drive up to a table at a restaurant. Kinda like built in high chairs. And no germs.

The thing about this stroller is that is basically has neon lights announcing that there are twins on board. People (especially old ladies at the mall) see us coming from a mile away and have tons of time to think of questions they want to ask by the time our paths cross. One lady (not old) asked if she could shake their hands. I said yes because I'm a self proclaimed people pleaser, but when she was gone I purelled their hands.

Its not easy to get through a door by myself, but neither is the Snap N Go. But, Target has automatic doors and so does the mall. I just have to go through the main entrance instead of entering through a department store. Those are the two main places I take them if I'm alone. And if we go somewhere without automatic doors I just rely on the kindness of strangers to open and hold doors for me. It works about half the time.

And here is number three. It is the Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller. It is great for taking walks. Or I suppose you could run, but I usually only have enough energy to walk. And its still so flippin' hot out. It has big, inflated tires like a bike so it has a smooth ride even on the very rough roads by our house. I like the net thing that came with it. It keeps the bugs out of the boys' faces. I do wish the sun shade was a little larger. Around 9 am when we go on walks sometimes, the sun isn't high enough to be shaded by the canopy. So I pull the stroller behind me as I walk. I'm sure it looks pretty silly.

Kyle fell asleep with his foot up on the bar like that. The thing with this one is that it doesn't fold very flat. It is not very easy to transport. So we usually just use it from home. I did pack it up and take it with us when we participated in the Race for the Cure 5K.

Here are the Snap N Go and the double umbrella stroller all folded down.

Right now I'm caring around both of them in the back of my car. It all depends on if the boys are awake or asleep when I get to where I'm going. They don't fall asleep in the car that often anymore so we use the Snap N Go less and less. And I plan to switch to their convertible carseats in about a month so we won't be able to use the Snap N Go any longer.

So, yeah, three strollers. And I'm toying with the idea of getting two single umbrella strollers also. I'll watch the sales and snatch up a good deal if I find one!


Parkhurst Studios said...

You are brilliant! I love reading your blog and I will use it as my manual if/whenever I have kids (especially if I have twins!) You're laid back, informative, money-smart, down to earth and so helpful! Love it.

rachel parkhurst

LauraC said...

We also have/had three strollers: snap n go, double umbrella (we have the combi), BOB Duallie Revolution (LOVE LOVE LOVE). We also had two umbrella strollers and it is SO WORTH the $20 to get one. Just a cheapy one in case you need to take one kid to the doctor while the other stays home. Nothing is worse than having to bring a double stroller to cart around one kid.

We Are The Pitts said...

I can remember so desperately hoping for someone to open the door for me when the boys were in a double stroller. If I see a mom with a stroller walking towards a door, I will sprint ahead of her to open the door!

JHP said...

I was talking to another mom last week, and I'm pretty sure she thought I was crazy when I told her we have three strollers. Speaking of which, I need to put the car seat/stroller duo in storage. Taking up precious closet space!