Monday, August 31, 2009

Playdate At The Lake

My friend, Jenn, invited us to a play date at the lake on Sunday. Jenn has boy/girl twins named Michael and Mackenzie. They were born in October. Jenn also invited her friend, Brandie, who has boy/girl twins. Their names are Ava and Eli, and they were born in November.

My sister, Jenny, was nice enough to help me get the boys and all of their gear out to the lake. I think it took 30 minutes to pack everything up. And two trips from the car to get everything unloaded once we got there.

Jenn and her husband, Chris, found a great shady spot and set up a play yard for all the babies to play in. They brought tons of toys too. Kyle and Kase had a blast playing with all the new toys.

This is the only picture I got with all six babies. We decided that next time we want to line everyone up and try to get some better shots with all of them.

I guess the toys looked like too much fun to Jenny. She had to get in and play too.

It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It was a good and hot summer day, but not unbearable. And Kyle and Kase got to meet and play with some new friends.

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