Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Guys

This is just a random sampling of pictures from the past few weeks.

Kyle and Kase's friend, Mase, came over for a play date. Mase showed off by taking a good nap while he was here. My boys could learn a thing or two from him!

The boys are all over the place now. Kyle crawls up on all fours, but Kase still army crawls on his belly. He gets where he wants to go, but Kyle can get there quicker. I wonder if Kase will pick up on Kyle's style or if he will skip crawling all together.

I just love getting the boys dressed each day! The have so many clothes and as they get bigger they can start wearing more of them. I think they look like such little boys in their polos and khaki shorts!

Kyle loves rings. He usually crawls around with at least one in his hand, and sometimes in both hands. Looks like he also made use of his mouth!

Oh, Kasers! He is so squishy!

When I left the boys in the living room to walk into the kitchen, they were on separate sides of the room. I walked back in, and they were all snuggled up to each other. I grabbed the camera and snapped a quick picture.

My cover was blown! They noticed me!

Both boys love to sleep on their bellies. Kyle likes to pull his knees up under him and sleep with his little butt in the air. I'm not sure why he was taking a nap with no clothes on. Who knows?

Kyle woke up very early one day this week. I snapped this picture without the flash (that's why its a little blurry). It was still dark outside. Lola helped me keep him entertained.

Once she got old it was time for back up... puffs! Kyle sat next to me at the computer while I checked e-mail. I kept him quiet with puffs... lots and lots of puffs! I think they did the trick... he looks happy!

Lola is our new trick. The boys will sit by the back door and watch her. She usually jumps all over the door (that's why it is so dirty) and it is very annoying, but the boys like it. Can you tell who is who?

Kase on the left, Kyle on the right.

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JHP said...

They do look like little boys in those outfits! Those are all great pics--I can't even pic my fav!

So good to see you yesterday...though we are still overdue for a leisurely visit! Maybe next week?