Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Bye Swaddles

Hello pajamas. We have officially ditched the swaddles. The boys have been wearing pajamas to bed since Sunday night. And they are oh so cute in them!

They had been wearing just their diaper and a t-shirt to bed because we were afraid they would get too hot while wrapped up in the swaddle blanket. Both boys are able to pull their arms and sometimes legs out of the swaddle. And for the past two weeks or so I wouldn't even tuck their arms in while getting them ready for bed. We were really just using the swaddle as a blanket to keep them warm at night. So I decided to dress them a little warmer for bed and not use the swaddle.

But, I do not want to belittle the swaddle. The swaddle is our friend. Respect the swaddle. The boys would sleep so much better when swaddled up tight. And now I have to deal with four little arms flying all about when I feed them. They love to poke each other in the face (accidentally of course!). It was kinda nice when all four arms were tucked away and I didn't have to be on the look out for surprise attacks.

Here are Kase (on the left) and Kyle (right) at about a week old. This was the first time we got them to sleep in their crib. They didn't move around all that much so we were able to swaddle them in receiving blankets.

And here they are about 10 weeks old. Kase still on the left, Kyle on the right. This is when the swaddle really came in handy. It would keep them from moving their arms around in their sleep and waking themselves up.

So, good bye, swaddle. I can't say I will really miss you, but I have to thank you for your months of hard work at keeping my boys asleep longer. You have served us well.


JHP said...

Too cute in the jammies!

I had a similar conversation this weekend with a friend regarding the Miracle Blanket. They don't call it a miracle for nothing!

Edison said...

of course you ditch them right after I buy Mase new ones in size L!! :) You know I couldn't live without them. Although Mase has always worn pj's with them. oops...