Monday, August 31, 2009

Eight Months Old

19 lbs 12 oz

19 lbs 6 oz

The boys are now 2/3 of a year old! Crazy! This month has been really fun. The boys can get around on their own and are really able to play and entertain themselves. They are both pulling up on anything they can get a hold of. I finally put up the baby gate today. It was getting too hard to keep two babies out of places they are not supposed to be.

With all the moving around and climbing over things comes the tumbles. The fall usually just scares them and is nothing a hug from Mom can't fix. Kyle had a tiny bruise on his cheek for a few days, but that has been the only real injury so far.

They are doing well with eating solids. They eat in their chairs at the table three times a day. Breakfast is fruit and cereal. Lunch is a fruit and a veggie, and dinner is a fruit, veggie, and a dinner, like beef and carrots or chicken and rice. And then there are the puffs! Both boys love puffs. They come in all kinds of flavors like sweet potato and cinnamon apple. They have loved them all so far. If we go anywhere during the day, I always have some puffs stashed in my purse or the diaper bag.

We have been working on sleep training this month. They are slowly getting better at falling asleep on their own. They take at least two naps a day. We moved bedtime up to 7 pm, and they will usually both get up once in the middle of the night sometime between 2 and 5. And then they will go back to sleep until 6, or 7 if I'm really lucky.

They are wearing size 3 diapers and can still fit into most of their 6-9 month clothes. Jason lowered Kase's mattress, but still needs to move Kyle's. It is a pain to get everything out of the bed to be able to lower it.

This is such a great age. I'm looking forward to the weather cooling down a little so that we can do more outside. I want to take the boys to the zoo soon. I think they will love it!

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JHP said...

I feel ya on the cooler weather...I want to spend time outside again!