Tuesday, August 11, 2009

29 And Holding

Last Friday I turned 29 year old. It's not a particularly exciting age to turn, but I sure had a great time celebrating it... for a whole weekend!

Jason had flowers delivered to me at work on Friday. He doesn't do flowers for every special day so it was a very nice surprise. They were beautiful.

Friday night the family went to eat at Ninfa's, my favorite! Jenny was off of work, and Megan and Ryan drove down for the weekend so everyone was there. We had a great time talking, laughing, and eating... and the margaritas weren't bad either!

Then Saturday morning, I met a group of girls for pedicures and brunch at Cafe Cappuccino. We usually get together and do this about once every other month. This time it was to celebrate my birthday. These girls (plus a few that were missing) were in my provisional class in the Junior League. They are some of my very favorite! They are great at making boring meetings not so boring!

Saturday night, my parents had some friends over to their house for burgers and more celebrating.

I just love those Pitts kids!

Even this big one!

I was sure to get a picture of me with my sweet babies on my birthday.

I fed the boys and put them to bed around 7:30, but that didn't last long. They still wanted to party and there were still plenty of people around to give them attention. So up they went!

Kase tried on Uncle Ryan's glasses. Well, Ryan will be his Uncle in 3 short months, so close enough!

The bigger kids had a blast playing on the slip n slide. They were hilarious to watch!

Jackson Pitts, Cade Crenshaw, Cason Pitts

My Mom and Lora held the boys (wearing their PJs) while they watched the slip 'n sliders.

Tom and Cheryl with Kase
Probably the first and last time Kase will wear a Baylor hat!

The big kids found the fort in the back yard that my Dad built for us years ago.
And no party is complete without cake and ice cream (home made, mmmmmm!).

Sunday morning we went to church and then back over to my parent's house for my Mom's buttermilk pancakes! Yum! Then she watched the boys for me while I did a little shopping with some gift cards that I got. It was a nice treat.

I had a great 29th birthday. Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate it.

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JHP said...

Sorry we missed it! Sounds like you had a very nice birthday! :)