Monday, August 31, 2009

Playdate At The Lake

My friend, Jenn, invited us to a play date at the lake on Sunday. Jenn has boy/girl twins named Michael and Mackenzie. They were born in October. Jenn also invited her friend, Brandie, who has boy/girl twins. Their names are Ava and Eli, and they were born in November.

My sister, Jenny, was nice enough to help me get the boys and all of their gear out to the lake. I think it took 30 minutes to pack everything up. And two trips from the car to get everything unloaded once we got there.

Jenn and her husband, Chris, found a great shady spot and set up a play yard for all the babies to play in. They brought tons of toys too. Kyle and Kase had a blast playing with all the new toys.

This is the only picture I got with all six babies. We decided that next time we want to line everyone up and try to get some better shots with all of them.

I guess the toys looked like too much fun to Jenny. She had to get in and play too.

It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It was a good and hot summer day, but not unbearable. And Kyle and Kase got to meet and play with some new friends.

Cayden and Claire

Jason's friend, Michael, brought his two kids over to visit and play with the boys on Saturday. It was a riot watching all of them interact. Cayden literally ran in a figure eight around the boys in their jumpers. They loved it. He had them laughing like crazy. We asked Micheal if Cayden could come over every night from 5-7 to wear the boys out before bedtime.

Eight Months Old

19 lbs 12 oz

19 lbs 6 oz

The boys are now 2/3 of a year old! Crazy! This month has been really fun. The boys can get around on their own and are really able to play and entertain themselves. They are both pulling up on anything they can get a hold of. I finally put up the baby gate today. It was getting too hard to keep two babies out of places they are not supposed to be.

With all the moving around and climbing over things comes the tumbles. The fall usually just scares them and is nothing a hug from Mom can't fix. Kyle had a tiny bruise on his cheek for a few days, but that has been the only real injury so far.

They are doing well with eating solids. They eat in their chairs at the table three times a day. Breakfast is fruit and cereal. Lunch is a fruit and a veggie, and dinner is a fruit, veggie, and a dinner, like beef and carrots or chicken and rice. And then there are the puffs! Both boys love puffs. They come in all kinds of flavors like sweet potato and cinnamon apple. They have loved them all so far. If we go anywhere during the day, I always have some puffs stashed in my purse or the diaper bag.

We have been working on sleep training this month. They are slowly getting better at falling asleep on their own. They take at least two naps a day. We moved bedtime up to 7 pm, and they will usually both get up once in the middle of the night sometime between 2 and 5. And then they will go back to sleep until 6, or 7 if I'm really lucky.

They are wearing size 3 diapers and can still fit into most of their 6-9 month clothes. Jason lowered Kase's mattress, but still needs to move Kyle's. It is a pain to get everything out of the bed to be able to lower it.

This is such a great age. I'm looking forward to the weather cooling down a little so that we can do more outside. I want to take the boys to the zoo soon. I think they will love it!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

There Is A Reason This Picture Is Blurry

He was on his way down! Whoopsie Daisies!

Things Have Changed

Here is MY living room back when it was only my living room...sometime in October of 2005. I lived here alone and I was able to keep everything tidy... if I chose to!

And here is OUR living room today.

The coffee table now lives in the dining room because it has way too many hard and sharp edges. It is now the resting place for the car seats when they are not in use.

Silly pictures of my girlfriends and I have been replaced by wedding pictures. The wall is lined with swings and bouncy seats that don't get used anymore. At least the big swing is gone... off lending its services to our friend, Asa.

Same TV. Although, Jason has wanted an upgrade for years. I keep putting him off because this one works fine. But, I can assure you that channel 154 (noggin) never graced its presence on the TV back then.

The ottoman is now the diaper changing station. And there is now a trash can in the living room that holds dirty diapers. It is a small one so that is fills up quickly and therefore gets taken out often, but it can still get pretty stinky.

But, even though things have changed and the living room (and the rest of the house) is usually a mess, I would not have it any other way! I love my little messes!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Guys

This is just a random sampling of pictures from the past few weeks.

Kyle and Kase's friend, Mase, came over for a play date. Mase showed off by taking a good nap while he was here. My boys could learn a thing or two from him!

The boys are all over the place now. Kyle crawls up on all fours, but Kase still army crawls on his belly. He gets where he wants to go, but Kyle can get there quicker. I wonder if Kase will pick up on Kyle's style or if he will skip crawling all together.

I just love getting the boys dressed each day! The have so many clothes and as they get bigger they can start wearing more of them. I think they look like such little boys in their polos and khaki shorts!

Kyle loves rings. He usually crawls around with at least one in his hand, and sometimes in both hands. Looks like he also made use of his mouth!

Oh, Kasers! He is so squishy!

When I left the boys in the living room to walk into the kitchen, they were on separate sides of the room. I walked back in, and they were all snuggled up to each other. I grabbed the camera and snapped a quick picture.

My cover was blown! They noticed me!

Both boys love to sleep on their bellies. Kyle likes to pull his knees up under him and sleep with his little butt in the air. I'm not sure why he was taking a nap with no clothes on. Who knows?

Kyle woke up very early one day this week. I snapped this picture without the flash (that's why its a little blurry). It was still dark outside. Lola helped me keep him entertained.

Once she got old it was time for back up... puffs! Kyle sat next to me at the computer while I checked e-mail. I kept him quiet with puffs... lots and lots of puffs! I think they did the trick... he looks happy!

Lola is our new trick. The boys will sit by the back door and watch her. She usually jumps all over the door (that's why it is so dirty) and it is very annoying, but the boys like it. Can you tell who is who?

Kase on the left, Kyle on the right.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sometimes 10 Dollars Is Worth A Million

I bought this water toy at the beginning of the summer for like 10 bucks. Back then the boys could not sit up by themselves so I stuffed it in a shelf in the garage. I pulled it out this afternoon after Kase took the shortest nap ever. They enjoyed playing in the water much more than being cooped up inside with all their old toys.

Warning: There are a ton of pictures becuase they were all so cute!

Kyle and Kase asked to take a dive in, but I had to remind them of the warning labels! Seriously? No diving?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

These Guys Just Make My Day!

They love to crawl under this thing as much as they love to sit in it. Earlier I hung a blanket over it to make a tent. Kase loved it!

Notice Kase standing on Kyle. He is getting him back for all the times that Kyle crawls all over him.

Oh, this face!

And this one too!

At dinner tonight. Kase's new game is to bite the spoon and laugh.

Kyle got his bath while Kase was finishing up dinner. He loves trying to grab the water.