Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 30th Michael

Last weekend we attended a surprise 30th birthday party for Jason's friend, Michael. We all had a good time. Kyle and Kase got to play with some toys they have never seen before... new toys are a guaranteed hit!

I introduced the boys to sippy cups a few weeks ago. They are learning how to use them, but also enjoy chewing on them. So far I have only given them water. I'm going to try and not give them juice because there is so much sugar in it. They seem to like the water so we will go with that for a while!

Alana Afflerbach was ready to go swimming! What a cutie!

I bought the boys pool floaties of their own, but Target was out of the kind with the sun shades. That means hats and sun screen are a must!

After an hour or so of swimming the boys and I left the party while Jason stayed for a late night poker game with the guys. Joe was in town and he and Jenny were over at my parent's house for dinner. The boys and I decided to crash! We stayed there way too late and the boys were super tired by the time we left. They fell asleep in the car before I even backed down the driveway.

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