Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Chomper and the Crawler

Well, the almost crawler. Kyle has been getting up on all fours like this for the past couple of weeks. We've seen him move a hand or knee forward, but he hasn't quite figured out how to get going. And he does not hold back his frustration with not being able to get moving. He rocks back and forth on his knees, and people have told me that move usually precedes actual crawling. So, we don't think it will be very much longer. Kyle also sat up for several minutes last night.

Kase doesn't have the form that Kyle does, but he can get where he wants to go. He scoots along on his belly. He pulls himself forward with his arms and also by turning under his toes and pushing off. And he can cover some ground pretty quickly. You can set him down in one place and turn your head or go into the other room and come back to find him across the living room floor.

I think it is funny that Kyle is going to teach himself to crawl the correct way, up on all fours. It may take him longer to learn how to do it and it is definitely not the easy way to get around, but he will do it the proper way no matter how long it takes... no shortcuts. My Dad is the exact same way.

Kase has two teeth! One started popping through July 9th and while we were in Nebraska it cut all the way through and the next one popped up too. He is still chewing on anything he can get his hands on and drools a ton so I think some more might be on their way. He doesn't really love any one's fingers in his mouth (unless he is able to chew on them) so getting this picture was quite the task. The out takes are pretty hilarious!

Kyle doesn't have any teeth coming through yet, but he is also chewing on everything. And I can see two white dots on his lower gum so they are on their way. Oh, Joy! Two teething babies!

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