Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We had such a good 4th of July celebration. Our friends, John and Deborah, had us over to their house for a BBQ. I was very excited for the boys to wear their 4th of July outfits! I bought them before they were even born! The original outfit came with white shorts and a navy belt, but the boys must have their Dad's butt because neither boy could keep the shorts up. So my mom picked up these denim shorts for them at the last minute. They still showed up to the party looking as cute as can be!

Not too long after we got official 4th of July pictures taken it was time for the boys to eat. I fed them and they both went down for a nap. Kyle got woken up by another party goer, who I am still mad at, but Kase took a nice long afternoon nap. Luckily, Kyle woke up in a good mood and was ready to party.

He changed into his swim trunks and got to go swimming with Dad. To say he LOVED the pool would be an understatement.
Harper let Kyle borrow her floaty and he floated around and chilled for a long time. He seriously didn't move from this position for like 30 minutes!
The Peels asked me to take a family pic of them! Harper was "berry" cute!
Look at Kyle in the background of this Peel Family shot. Jason was really right there beside him, but it looks like he is just floating by in the background, all too cool for school!
Kyle and Lala

Kyle had to come out of the pool for another dose of sun screen. He had been in there so long that his little feet had turned into prunes.

The pool water wrecked havoc on Kyle's hair. It was so weird to see him with his hair out of place. It usually lays down perfectly.

Kase finally woke up and got to go swimming too. Deborah held him while his sun screen dried.

Kase got to use Harper's floaty also. He sat and chilled like Kyle did. I was very surprised that they didn't try to splash more because they love to splash the water when they take a bath.

Lala and Kase used the same hair stylist that day!

On the drive home Jason and I talked about what a fun 4th of July we had and how it was a perfect first 4th for the boys.


Edison said...

so cute!! loved kyle lounging in the pool

Lara said...

I could kill you.

cindy said...

cute pictures Sara, I just love checking in each week to see how the have grown, cant wait to meet the boys next week!!!
Aunt Cindy

JHP said...

Too cute! It was fun to swim with them on Saturday! Oh, and it was good to see y'all again, too. ;)

I laugh at Kyle lounging on that float with his cool shades...such a hip little dude!