Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Chomper and the Crawler

Well, the almost crawler. Kyle has been getting up on all fours like this for the past couple of weeks. We've seen him move a hand or knee forward, but he hasn't quite figured out how to get going. And he does not hold back his frustration with not being able to get moving. He rocks back and forth on his knees, and people have told me that move usually precedes actual crawling. So, we don't think it will be very much longer. Kyle also sat up for several minutes last night.

Kase doesn't have the form that Kyle does, but he can get where he wants to go. He scoots along on his belly. He pulls himself forward with his arms and also by turning under his toes and pushing off. And he can cover some ground pretty quickly. You can set him down in one place and turn your head or go into the other room and come back to find him across the living room floor.

I think it is funny that Kyle is going to teach himself to crawl the correct way, up on all fours. It may take him longer to learn how to do it and it is definitely not the easy way to get around, but he will do it the proper way no matter how long it takes... no shortcuts. My Dad is the exact same way.

Kase has two teeth! One started popping through July 9th and while we were in Nebraska it cut all the way through and the next one popped up too. He is still chewing on anything he can get his hands on and drools a ton so I think some more might be on their way. He doesn't really love any one's fingers in his mouth (unless he is able to chew on them) so getting this picture was quite the task. The out takes are pretty hilarious!

Kyle doesn't have any teeth coming through yet, but he is also chewing on everything. And I can see two white dots on his lower gum so they are on their way. Oh, Joy! Two teething babies!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Dan was in town for a short visit over the weekend. He came over to the house to visit for a while. He didn't get there until after the boys went to sleep, but Kyle and Kase must have really wanted to see him because they were both up about an hour after going to bed. They got to say hi to Dan and then it was back to bed!

Look What Fits!


Huskers or Aggies? Huskers or Aggies? Either? Both? They can be what ever they want to be!

Happy 30th Michael

Last weekend we attended a surprise 30th birthday party for Jason's friend, Michael. We all had a good time. Kyle and Kase got to play with some toys they have never seen before... new toys are a guaranteed hit!

I introduced the boys to sippy cups a few weeks ago. They are learning how to use them, but also enjoy chewing on them. So far I have only given them water. I'm going to try and not give them juice because there is so much sugar in it. They seem to like the water so we will go with that for a while!

Alana Afflerbach was ready to go swimming! What a cutie!

I bought the boys pool floaties of their own, but Target was out of the kind with the sun shades. That means hats and sun screen are a must!

After an hour or so of swimming the boys and I left the party while Jason stayed for a late night poker game with the guys. Joe was in town and he and Jenny were over at my parent's house for dinner. The boys and I decided to crash! We stayed there way too late and the boys were super tired by the time we left. They fell asleep in the car before I even backed down the driveway.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

6 Month Check Up

The boys went to the doctor for their 6 month check up back on July 3rd. They both did well with their shots again.

Here are their stats:

Height: 27 inches
Weight: 17 pounds 6 oz.
Head: 43.5 cm

Height: 27 1/4 inches
Weight: 17 pounds 3 oz.
Head: 43 .9 cm

Dr. Nesmith told Jason that their weights were around the 50th percentile and their heights were in the 50- 75th percentile. I have a feeling this is as close to average size that they are going to be!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Trip To Nebraska

We left for Nebraska bright and early Friday, July 10th. The trip to my Grandma's house in Campbell is 700 miles and takes about 12 hours to drive. We knew we would have to stop more than usual. The first stop was just 20 miles down the road in West, TX. We stopped and bought 2 dozen kolaches for 7 people... two of those people only eat pured food.

The next stop was just past the Texas border. We stopped at the Winstar Casino so I could feed the boys and Jason could get in a little black jack. My Mom stayed in the car to help me. When we were done we ventured into the casino to find a bathroom and the rest of our travel group. My Mom and I walked through the entire casino to the bathrooms that we were directed to by a casino employee. She held both boys while I went to the bathroom and then we switched. While I was waiting for her a nice older lady who worked at the casino told me that she was going to have to escort us out because the boys were not allowed to be in the casino. I could not have counted the number of employees we walked by who didn't say a thing to us. Half of them even talked to us and told me how cute the boys are. We laughed that the boys got kicked out of their first casino.

Jenny, Kase and I rode in he middle row.

And Kyle and my Mom rode in the back row.

I took this picture of myself so that Kyle could see me on the display of the camera. My Mom would press the button to display the picture and he would stop crying. As soon as the display went black he would start crying again. They played that game for like 10 minutes.... hey, it got us a little further down the road!
We got to my Grandma's house right at 7pm. Everyone was very impressed with the good time that we made. The baby lovin' started as soon as we walked in the door!

Due to limited space in the car, we had to leave the boys' plastic bath tub at home. So they got to take a bath in the big tub. The absolutely LOVED it. They were hilarious to watch.

On Sunday, most of my aunts, uncles and cousins drove to Campbell for a little family reunion . We never do anything too fancy... just food and family mostly! I love it! My cousin, Ashley, loves babies so we had a built in babysitter while she was there. Kyle and Kase both loved her.

While everyone was together we wanted to get a picture of all the great grandkids. Just another one of those things that goes better in my head than in real life! Here are seven of the 11 great grandchildren... most not very happy to be taking a picture.Nevaeh and Kase were particularly upset! Cute even when crying!
I love this one of Grant! Poor little thing!
How big is Owen? THIS BIG!
Jared, Grant and Kase in much better moods just minutes later.

Grandma and Jenna. Jenna is just a couple weeks older than Kyle and Kase, but quite a bit bigger! I have a feeling it won't always be that way!
All the grandchildren and great grandchildren in attendance. There were still quite a few missing. There are tons of us!

Kyle going for the leaves. He is such an investigator.

Homemade ice cream and apple (and rhubarb - yuck) pies for dessert. Shelby got stuck dishing ice cream, but was happy to do it.

Sitting and talking in the upstairs kitchen... there are two... it takes two kitchens to keep this many people fed! Lot of time is always spent around this table. We usually stay up way too late talking.
The jumperoos came to Nebraska. Kyle and Kase love to jump there too!

Logan wanted to hold a baby. He did really well.
Good thing I remembered to pack swim trunks! The boys spent one afternoon in the pool in the back yard. They still love the water!

We drove about three hours north to visit my Dad's parents in O'Neil, NE. After lunch, we sat around the living room and talked and played with the boys on the floor.

Back in Campbell the next day, Mom and Grandma were getting a kick out of the boys talking to each other.

We attempted to turn Grandma's living room into a day care as well.
Devin and Logan got to go swimming too.

Kase was very interested in Jared's video game.

One more picture with Great Grandma before we left Thursday morning.
We had such a good time. I only wish we lived closer so we could see everyone more often. Good thing there is another Texas wedding in November. We won't have to wait an entire year to see everyone again.

A big thanks to everyone in Nebraska for taking us in... and feeding us! My mouth still waters thinking about all the good food we ate. We love you guys!