Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Cuteness

Sometimes if someone needs to eat and it is after 7 or so I will bring them to bed with me and feed them there. Jason gets annoyed because it is usually before his alarm goes off and he misses out on those last few minutes of sleep. But, I tell him that my alarms have already gone off (usually a couple times) and that he has to deal with it.

One day last week I was feeding Kyle in bed, and he fell asleep after. He looked so cute all covered up in the covers.

Kyle wants to show everyone his cute towel from Auntie Persis too since he didn't get to last week!

Friday night Jason and I went to Zoobilee at Cameron Park Zoo. My parents watched the boys for us while we were gone. Kyle and Mister had some tummy time! You can see the new "area rug" that now covers our living room floor. Welcome to our day care!
The boys wore this to church yesterday! How stinkin' cute! They wore big boy shoes for the first time! I was running late of course so I didn't get a picture of both of them together so just use your imagination!

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Mandi said...

i LOVE the pic of kyle in the covers! i have lots like that of my kiddos because they just look so comfy in our big 'ol beds don't they?