Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Busy Saturday

Last Saturday morning, after I fed the boys, I put Jason on Baby Patrol and left the house to run a few errands. I hit up our farmers market to get some fresh produce to make into more baby food. I made the green beans on Saturday, but still need to do the beets and peaches. I froze all of the green beans so the boys haven't got to try them yet.
After the farmers market I went and got a much needed pedicure. I got there a little too late and had to wait for at least 30 minutes to get in, but I didn't mind sitting in silence while reading a magazine. That was almost as nice as the actual pedicure. But, since it took almost two hours to get in and out I wasn't able to run any other errands before it was time for the boys to eat again. So my to do list is growing instead of getting smaller.

Samina and Nick drove down from Ft. Worth to visit and meet the boys. They got into town around lunch time, but the boys were sleeping so we went and picked up sandwiches and brought them back to the house. Kyle and Kase were very excited to meet Samina and Nick when we got back.

Then, later in the afternoon the Pitts came over to play and visit with Samina and Nick too. They got to love on the boys and we set up a slip and slide in the front yard for them to play on.

Check out Jackson's cool new summer do!

Madison got a little more water time in after the slip and slide was unhooked.

I just love that face!

Cason asked if he could dump the water out of the rain gauge. He asked if he could do alot of stuff that day! That boys is hard to keep up with!

Funny Cason story for ya... We were all sitting outside under a canopy while Kase was taking a nap. I closed the door to their room and took the monitor outside with us. Everyone was in and out of the house all day. Samina told us that as she was coming out of the bathroom she caught Cason coming out of the boys' room. She was about to tell him not to go in there anymore so he didn't wake Kase us, but before she could Cason was grabbing her hand pulling her toward their room. He told her to go look at the baby sleeping. "They are so cute when they sleep" he said to her. That reminds me of the time when they came to see us in the hospital. After they left, Cason told his mom that "those babies were so adorable that he could just eat them up." I love that crazy kid!

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